A Day at the Inn
The Devourer Saga, The Return
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The Devourer Saga
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A Day at the Inn is the eighteenth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 34.


«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Robina: I need to go tighten my bow string—I’ll be right back!
Hans: Sure thing, Robina!

Robina leaves and you enter

«You»: Where is Yulgar? And who are you??
Hans: I’m Yulgar’s cousin’s roomate’s nephew Hans. I’ve been Yulgar’s apprentice for a while now.
Hans: I just ran out to say hi to—I mean to get some eggs from the chicks Aria keeps behind her shop… ehem. But when I got back Yulgar was gone and Twig was standing here!
«You»: What happened to Twig?
Twig: Weeeeelll… I wus sitting here watching Yulgaw, wike I usuawy do, when suddenwy--

You appear in a landscape of ice cream and fish. Your head is transformed into a fish.

Twig: Fishies fell fwum the sky by the hundweds, and ice cweam mountains gwew fwum the ground!! It wuv beeeyoootiful!!! ooooohhhhh… droooool…
«You»: Uh oh, he’s stuck in his dream world… need to get him out!

Level 0-24: Piranha
Level 25-50: Piranhas
Level 51+: Frenzied Piranhas

Full Heal

Level 0-2: Ice Cweam (2)
Level 3-6: Ice Cweam (6)
Level 7-15: Ice Cweam (15)
Level 16-25: Ice Cweam (25)
Level 26-35: Ice Cweam (35)
Level 36-50: Ice Cweam (50)
Level 51-70: Ice Cweam (70)
Level 71-84: Ice Cweam (85)
Level 85+: Ice Cweam (100)

«You»: Okay Twig! Snap out of it!!

You appear back at the Inn and your head returns to normal

Hans: Whoa… that was…psychedelic…
«You»: What REALLY happaned, Twig?
Twig: Weeeeelll…

…Earlier Today…

Yulgar: *whistling*

A woman steps through a glowing red portal

???: Are you the great-grandson of Imdar, great-grandson of Kuldar, great-grandson of Bord??
Yulgar: Umm.. yes?
???: Very well.

She grabs Yulgar and drags him through the portal

Twig: I wuv fish and ice cweam and Yulgaw… *sniff*

The scene returns to the present

Hans: Well that isn’t very good… It looks like I’m stuck here manning the counter!
«You»: And Yulgar is missing, taken away by some strange woman… !
Hans: NOW when am I going to find time to go see Ari…uhhh… get eggs??

Robina returns

Robina: Don’t worry—We’ll get Yulgar back....no matter what it takes!


This quest was originally accessed by speaking to Hans and asking "What happened to Yulgar?"

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