A Network Divided
The Devourer Saga, Unity
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The Devourer Saga
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The Fall of Augerthorne! Beleqwaya's Mission

A Network Divided is the sixty-ninth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 65.


The Devourer The'Galin's plan begins to unravel in unexpected ways...

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Agent Smith: ...and lastly we have heard that Atlas Maxwell has been seen near Mount Thrall.
Ryuusei: Atlas Maxwell has come back to Lore, has he? I have not forgotten his betrayal.
Agent Smith: You did not exactly treat him well. There was the issue with Lilly.
Ryuusei: Enough! Atlas Maxwell I will deal with in time. Right now it is your incompetence that infuriates me. You might as well call yourself human. You are about as useful.
Agent Smith: Ry, baby--
Ryuusei: Do not "baby" me! You could not even capture a single renegade Brilhado who was openly careless and practically invited your abduction!
Ryuusei: You failed utterly in leading the Silari against Augerthorne!
Agent Smith: First of all, the governor of K'eld Ner interfered by order of the Caelestian! Secondly, You can hardly blame ME for Xilar's betrayal!
Ryuusei: Falerin's meddling is growing quite bothersome. He has consistently indirectly interfered with our plans.
Agent Smith: Yes, but always indirectly, unless we assault him first.
Ryuusei: Well then, we shall just have to trick him into violating that code and...
???: You would invite a war between worlds in order to disable him? Have you any idea the damage that would do?

Xilar and his Brilhado friend enter

Smith: Lord Xilar!
Ryuusei: It might do damage, Lord, but it would be exceedingly effective.
Xilar: Exceedingly effective, but at what cost? You seem to be completely ignorant of our purpose here... or more accurately, Cartwright, you just do not care.
Ryuusei: I care with every ounce of my being.
Xilar: And what of redemption, Cartwright? What of the master's goal?!
Ryuusei: The Ommiverse shall be purified. The impure shall be annihilated! They are beyond redemption and completely irredeemable!
Xilar: You know better than both our Lord and Lorithia, the Creator, do, do you?! You are a xenophobic racist and a very evil man!
Xilar: The fact that you have associated my name with your efforts is a greater scar on my name than all of my own failings combined.
Ryuusei: When the manifestation happens we shall see...
Xilar: Do not speak of carrying on my legacy, Cartwright. You are NOTHING like me!
Xilar: Galrick has done more to repair and carry on my legacy than you ever will, and he is ten times the man you are.
Ryuusei: And yet in the end I will live and he will die.
Xilar: Enough! As the First Communicant I am ordering the Silari to abandon Omega's armies.
Xilar: We shall not serve. We we remain loyal to our true Lord... and contrary to your belief, that lord is not now, nor will it ever be, you.
Ryuusei: I suggest you reconsider...

Xilar and the Brilhado turn to leave

Xilar: And I suggest you be very careful, for when you get what you seek you may very well dislike it. I shall be making a full report to Ojo and our Lord.

They exit

Ryuusei: ..............
Agent Smith: Still say you are not losing control, Ryuusei baby?
Ryuusei: ... You insolent little...

Ryuusei vanishes

Agent Smith: How very emo... and he says I am worse than a human...

Scene: Xilar, standing before a sparkling orb floating on a pedestal

Xilar: I am sorry to disturb you personally Doctor but my normal ability as a Communicant to directly commune with our Lord does not function when this far removed--
Louis Zephyr: Naturally...
Xilar: --So an Orb of Communication was my best recourse.
Louis Zephyr: You are always welcome to communicate with me, Lord Xilar. Your loyalty is without question.
Xilar: I have just come from the front, Doctor. Cartwright has completely ignored your orders. He even attempted to have Smith take Amilara hostage.
Louis Zephyr: We are unfortunately aware of their duplicity. We are formulating a plan for dealing with it but we may well enable the people of Lore to do it themselves.
Xilar: To that end, Doctor... I have refused to follow Omega. I have assigned the Silari to defend and protect Battleonia and the rest of Lore. Skraeling is our ancestral homeland and...
Louis Zephyr: Your actions are beyond repute. You need not defend yourself or you decisions. Your loyalty is unquestioned.
Xilar: But Omega is--
???: He is correct Xilar. I know your very soul. Your loyalty to me is beyond any doubt. Concern yourself only with what you know to be right. Continue seeking the signs.
Xilar: My Lord, I have seen some evidence already...
???: Very good, Xilar. Stand firm.
Xilar: As you will, my Lord.

The scene fades out

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