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The Dark Forest
Drakel vs. Elves
Wun-Eye's Quest
The Dragon War: Part 1 (rare)
The Dragon War: Part 2 (rare)
The Dragon War: Part 3 (rare)
The Return of Drakath (rare)
The Dragon War Finale (Guardian-only)


Drakel vs. Elves, Part 1: Rilithia

The player, after getting a tip from Twilly, is hunting a Seedspitter in the forest near Battleon when an elf is knocked into the area, being chased by a Mawler - a beast which is more or less an Ogre crossed with a Lion. After defending the elf from the hulking creature, the elf gets back up and challenges the player to a battle. Upon her defeat, the elf deems the player worthy and leads them to TreeTop, an elf village located deep in GreenGuard Forest.

Upon entering the village, it is found empty, save for one elf - The High Elder Pilagroth. He tells the elf, Rilithia, that her brothers and sisters were called to war against the oncoming Drakel army. Rilithia heads off to help them, but moments later she is attacked by a Drakel Enforcer, which the player defeats. Handing Rilithia a health potion she gave the player earlier, Rilithia urges the player to speak with a sage named Uldor, then heads off to war.

Drakel vs. Elves, Part 2: Uldor and Dewlok

Returning to Battleon, the player enters Yulgar's Inn and finds Sage Uldor in the lounge. Uldor immediately senses that the player wishes to know of the Drakel, and explains that they are a mysterious race who hid in massive domed cities for thousands of years. He also claims that they seek an item which will help them stop a powerful force(The Devourer/The'Galin) from destroying the world. He then instructs the player to head to Granemor to speak with a moglin there, and the player sets off for the small town.

Arriving in Granemor, the moglin, Dewlok, tells the player that he just returned from attempting to route the Drakel away from moglin and elven forests.

Drakel vs. Elves, Part 3: Count Sarkat

Using the hint, the player sets off to the fields of Brakanub, where they meet a small female moglin named Cudgel and Rilithia, who informs the player and Cudgel that the Drakel have broken through the front lines. Regardless of whether or not the player chooses to side with Rilithia, they head to Farthwark Woods to join the battle, fighting several Drakel footsoldiers alongside Cudgel. Reaching the leader of their forces, the player confronts Count Sarkat, who sends a Warbeast to attack the player.

Upon defeating it, the count appears to prepare to attack, but Cudgel stabs him in the back with her spear and tells the player that the Drakel did not leave because they were defeated. The player then returns to Battleon after being told that there may be friendly Drakel who wish to help their cause.

Drakel vs. Elves, Part 4: Wun-Eye

Heading to Granemor after hearing about a guardian from the tower in Battleon being in need, the player meets with a woman named Thalia in the upper room of Boog's Tavern, and learns that Wun-Eye, the guardian in need, needs help getting his wife and newborn child back from the Drakel, who have attacked once more.

Should the player choose to attack the Drakel head on, they meet Kai and Kalen, Wun-Eye's two sons, who lead the player to the Drakel encampment where their mother is being held, where the player is once again confronted by Count Sarkat. Claiming that he will find the object in Battleon to save the Drakel from the "Ominous Return", he sends out a Fire Cobra to attack the player. Upon its defeat, Shanda and Shae, Wun-Eye's wife and newborn child, emerge from the hut, and Wun-Eye arrives to take them all back to Battleon. The player returns as well.

The Undead War

The game originally started its first war with the Mysterious Necromancer launching an attack on Battleon with an army of undead. This would be the starter in a very long chain of events over a period of 4 years which would lead to the current time of the game.

Akriloth after being defeated.

The Dragon Wars, Part 1: Akriloth

Akriloth, the great dragon of the fire element perches himself atop a volcano, and sends a small army to attack Battleon. However, once the army is defeated, along with Akriloth, Akriloth tells the player that he attacked because a dragon named Drakath stole his Prime Fire Orb, the source of his power. Akriloth tells the player that if they retrieve it from Drakath, he would make the greatest fire weapon ever made.

The Dragon Wars, Part 2: Drakath

Drakath, moments before his death.

Drakath, using the fire orb, attempts to make all monsters of the darkness realm invincible, while the fire realm weakens as the orb is away from Akriloth. Drakath, already possessing the Prime Darkness Orb, was much stronger than Akriloth, but when the player is sent to kill Drakath, Twilly the moglin arrives with the Dragon Blade, which triggers and allows the player to slay Drakath with relative ease. The Prime Fire Orb is retrieved by the player, and the Prime Dark Orb is taken to the last remaining Guardian Tower in Battleon. The Mysterious Necromancer arrived on the scene at the last minute, and re-animated Drakath's body as a Dracolich. Drakath, in his dracolich form, is now mindless and violent, and controls a mass of undead forces which attacks the countryside. With the help of Paladin Artix Von Krieger, he is defeated once more, and laid to rest.

The Dragon Wars, Part 3: The Fire Dragon War

Akriloth tricks you, revealing that the orb was not his in the first place and swallows the Prime Fire Orb, indeed becoming the greatest fire weapon ever. He proceeds to try to take over Lore, sending his army of fire monsters to kill all mankind. To defeat him, the people required the Ice Scythe, which was in the possession of a greedy Ice Demon. Unfortunately, once the demon is defeated, he feels he is the only one who deserves the scythe, and so he smashes it on the ground before he dies.

Thankfully, Yulgar the blacksmith and owner of the Battleon Inn forges the remaining shards of the scythe into the Frozen Claymore, a giant blade of Ice. Using the claymore, Akriloth and his army are both defeated, but with Akriloth's demise, the Prime Fire Orb explodes and the elemental forces become unbalanced. Nefaria, a fire spirit, gives the player the egg of one of Akriloth's children to keep the elemental forces in relative balance. The Mysterious Necromancer shows himself once more, now asking the player very whimsically whether or not Akriloth left a corpse, for use in his next army. When he learns that Akriloth turned to ashes, he merely walks off, supposedly collecting the ashes and calling the player a Dragonslayer.