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Quest log

Drakel Attack (rare)
Attack on the Drakel Domed City (Guardian-only)
The Undead at the Monolith (rare)
The Prophet Arrives (rare)
The Prophet's Secret (rare)
The Prophet's Son (rare)
Carnax Rises
The Prophet Returns (Guardian-only)


The Drakel Raid

As the Dracomancer war comes to an end, news arrives from Stonerule. The Drakel, a cross between humans and dragons, begin to emerge from their domed cities and attack. Hundreds of years ago, a great and terrible enemy forced them into hiding, but now they are leaving to try and find something to prevent the enemy from returning. They have arrived at Stonerule, and are attacking it and pillaging it for unknown reasons. As they are fought off, the ruins begin to shake, and a strange clock-like device emerges from the ground. Tathlin, Valencia, and Robina investigate it, and some Azru gems the Drakel tried to take are given out to the player. Unsure of what the monolith does, the player chases the Drakel back to their domed city. Commander Kragg is questioned on it and is then thrown into the Pit by Valencia and Galanoth.

Riona Shadowgale.

The Prophet Arrives

After returning to the Monolith, the player encounters a lot of undead, as well as the Reaper. The Reaper has apparently arrived early, and will return to "clean up" once something happens very soon.

The ruins are still shaking, and the magical monolith is now glowing. The player travels there and meets Riona Shadowgale, a prophet claiming to be a survivor of the Talados civilization, who were rumored to have been destroyed long ago by a great cataclysm. She tells of how a secret guild of sorcerors planned to control the lands with a creature of great power, but soon it grew far out of their control, creating the beast known as Carnax - in common language, "Great Scourge".

Riona attempts to explain, but for unknown reasons the Grim Reaper appears and approaches her. The player fights off the Reaper, and Riona tells the player of the rock which Talados rested on that sunk into the sea when Carnax destroyed it. The rock may have the power to destroy Carnax. Riona promises to explain more later, and runs off.

The Prophet's Son

Danail Shadowgale.

Weeks pass. Moon Called, a guardian in the Battleon Tower, tells the player to head to Mount Furrowald to speak with a person in a red cloak. Riona had said she would send someone for the player, which sends the player to the mountain. There, Riona tells that Carnax was weakened by the ore deposits in Talados when it began to sink. The Drakel had unearthed some of these stones, and Riona plans to use them against Carnax.

She introduces her son, Danail, to the player, and shortly after Zorbak appears. He summons a small group of undead, and after they are defeated it is revealed that the reaper has a bounty on Riona - and in fact, all of the surviving Taladosians - because they should all be dead already. Their children are not natives of Talados, however, and so are not targeted by the Reaper. Danail, feeling uneasy, asks if he and Riona can leave. As they walk off, the player remembers that Danail had a very strange look in his eyes.

Soon, Danail is left alone in Riona's makeshift home on Mount Furrowald. Carnax, using Danail's fear of him from Riona's stories, speaks to Danail, and takes hold using his mind. The scene switches back to Riona, talking to the player, telling that the monolith is called a Focus Nodule. It was keeping Carnax at bay, but now with Danail's mind to anchor himself with, the nodule is not enough. Riona, now crying, fears for Danail's safety, and runs back to the mountain to get him. The Reaper emerges again, and the player has to protect Riona by fighting his undead off.

Carnax, the Great Scourge of Talados.

Carnax Rises

The Focus Nodule is now glowing and shaking faster and faster. The player senses that something is going to happen soon. Riona, now back at the Nodule with Danail, is comforting him. The Focus Nodule explodes, and strange tentacles emerge from the ground. Once they are defeated, Carnax rises from the ground and attacks. The player has to fight several battles against the body parts of Carnax, and then once he's half dead, Jackel Sano and Warlic create an ice path to fight the upper body of Carnax.

Once the players depleted his 275,000,000 HP, the player would fight a boss battle against Carnax's head. Carnax is then weak enough to die, and Riona tells her son that she'll be back very soon. Riona runs towards Carnax, and uses the Azru Gems to fire a blast of energy at Carnax. The power this requires kills Riona, as well as Carnax, and Carnax falls to the ground. He says he is now free, and then closes his eyes and turns to stone.

The Prophet Returns

The player approaches the body of Carnax, and sees a ghostly figure on top of it. It is the ghost of Riona, and she asks the player to die, so that the player may save her from Death's Domain. Death will let the player free because they are early, and so the player has to lose a battle against a Stone Golem. Then, death will allow the player to search the area for Riona, giving vague clues as to where she is. After searching the portals, Riona is found, and tells the player that to prevent Carnax from regenerating, they must defeat him in the hourglass of Kerylon. After finding the hourglass, the player fights a battle against Carnax's ghost, and once he is defeated, Carnax is sealed in the Azru stones. Riona is then freed, now in a light blue outfit, back in the realm of the living, and is reunited with Danail, concluding the present day Carnax Saga.