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Mysterious Crater
The Huntress Arrives
A Day at the Inn
Huntress vs. Yulgar
Book of Salvation
Jail Time
Huntress, the Hunted!
Trouble From Beyond
Battle for the Salvation Weapons!
Drakel Madness (rare)
Exodus Attacks


Part One: Isle D'Oriens

The Huntress confronts The Eternal

The player is able to travel to The Crater on the Middle Isles, and is confronted by a woman named Mercuria - sister of Nifaria from Smoke Mountain. She briefly speaks of how the waterfall going into the crater isn't filling it with water, and then flies off. The player can then head over to a catapult, built by a carpenter named Manny. After the player helps to rebuild it, they may use the catapult to launch themselves into the sky - hitting the floating island of Isle D'Oriens Manny had mentioned.

A cutscene then plays where a woman called the Huntress appears on the island, confronted by a man with an immense beard appears, who calls himself "The Eternal", and after a brief conversation about an strange threat that has taken her family, the Huntress rips a new portal with her gauntlet and leaves after revealing the Eternal to be her father.

After briefly opening the locks on the door outside the island, the player enters what appears to be the center of the village. Wandering into the library, the player discovers a hidden room - as well as the Eternal. With his help, the player unlocks the vault in the hidden room, and a cutscene triggers of a beacon shooting out of DragonClaw Island and lighting up a strange moon - and it seems to have eyes.

Part Two: Yulgar's Disappearance

Back in Battleon, it is apparently night time and Yulgar is alone at the front counter of the inn. A portal appears behind him, apparently created by the Huntress. She asks him about his lineage, then quickly pulls him into the portal.

Re-appearing in the basement of the Battleon guardian tower, the Huntress asks Yulgar about the location of "The Weapons". Yulgar, after briefly being strangled by the Huntress after refusing to cooperate, is instructed to break open a box at the back of the room. Yulgar does so, and finds a book entitled "Weapons of Salvation."

After reading the first page, they are interrupted by a guardian entering the basement. The Huntress seemingly flees, and Yulgar is nearly attacked by the man, but the Huntress re-appears and knocks out the guardian. She then grabs the book and leaves Yulgar to be taken into custody as more guardians descend the staircase.

Later that night, Artix manages to enter the jail cell and free Yulgar after speaking with the guardians, telling him that Warlic and Robina went in the other direction, following the energy signal of the Huntress' gauntlet.

Part Three: The Huntress Chase

The Huntress appears in the forest, briefly re-united with the book, but is ambushed by Nightbane. They briefly fight, and the Huntress' gauntlet is knocked off and the book is dropped. Before Nightbane can seize it, Warlic and Robina arrive and he flies off.

The Huntress fleeing.

Warlic takes the book and the gauntlet, and shortly after Epheel arrives. He claims that the gauntlet is a weapon of The'Galin, the Devourer, a great being who would send a messenger to Lore when he would arrive to destroy the world. Warlic and Robina, now going on this information, give chase after the Huntress.

Chasing her through Skraeling, Greenguard, and Dwarfhold, the Huntress is cornered in the mountain ranges. She demands the book, and attacks Warlic and Robina. After the brief fight, the three discuss the Salvation weapons. The Huntress is revealed to actually be fighting against The'Galin, while Epheel was the messenger. Robina realizes that it was Adder who knew the location of the weapons, not Yulgar - though they shared the same lineage, making them brothers. The group then head for Battleon.

Part Four: Weapons of Salvation

Back in the Guardian tower basement after meeting with Artix, Warlic and Yulgar, listen as the Huntress retells the story of The'Galin's previous coming, how he drove all of the races apart, destroying many people and causing the Drakel to hide in their domed cities. The Huntress, only a child at the time, was hidden in Isle D'Oriens by her father, and the Island was sent into the sky by The Eternal. Once she was old enough, she left behind her father, as well as Lore, after discovering the Gauntlet. Travelling through dimensions, she lived over a thousand years, barely aging. Once her story is finished, they then head for the island.

Adder claims he cannot remember anything of the weapons, but Warlic believes he has been put under a spell so that he will not remember. The Eternal then appears, and claims he was the one who had cast the spell so that Adder would not remember where he had hidden the weapons. Warlic then shows the book to Adder, causing Adder's memory to return. The location of the weapons found, The Eternal then lowers the island on its ethereal tether so that they may safely teleport the weapons to the island. As the island lowers, Epheel rallies his own personal army to stop them.

The Huntress faces off against Epheel.

The player, the Huntress, and Yulgar all arrive in the crater, and fight their way through the army, travelling through the waterfall, a tunnel, the Gulf of Kyed, and arrive in a large underground cavern. The weapons are piled in chests inside, but Epheel is guarding them. Warlic teleports them to the Isle, and Epheel attempts to kill the group. The Huntress and Yulgar chase after him, while Epheel occupies the player with a strange alien creature - a Malzar. Upon defeating it, the player watches as Epheel, the Huntress, and Yulgar do battle. Defeating both of them, the player then takes Epheel on alone, and he flees after being defeated.

Part Five: Drakel Madness

Near Battleon, fires and violent attacks from Drakel mercenaries begin to occur in rapid succession approaching the town. A small drakel-moglin hybrid named Draklin, escaping from the confusion, hurries towards town to alert the local fighters of where they are needed. Meanwhile, far south-east of Battleon, in the mountain ranges of Skraeling Desert, a cutscene shows an elderly Drakel in a wheelchair, apparently awaiting the return of the Drakel mercenaries, seemingly preparing to create a weapon from what the mercenaries were sent to retrieve.

As the drakel enter Battleon, the player engages the entire force in combat and fights them back into the mountain ranges, discovering a domed Drakel city - a K'eld - without its dome. Entering the city, the player, along with Galanoth, Robina, and Warlic, meet the K'eld Minister, Bree-Ha. Leading the group to the hideout of the mercenary employer, Vector von Drake, Draklin and the group meet him face to face as he arrives at the entrance. Apparently having completed his weapon, von Drake fires his weapon (the U.N.D.E.R gun) at the group, only to be knocked backwards by the blast, incapacitating him as the wheelchair falls to the ground.

Bree-Ha proclaims the group honorary citizens of K'eld Naer, but fears a civil war is approaching. and they begin to head out of the mountain range only to be attacked by a strange Golem made of leftover Drakel body parts - a creation of von Drake. However, it is dispatched, and they return to Battleon.

Part Six: The Exodus

Over the next 3 days, black clouds begin to form above Battleon. On the final day, a massive black hurricane has formed, and strange shadow creatures descend out of it. The Huntress explains to Artix that the cloud is the Exodus - a giant entity that was once peaceful. However, The'Galin had given it two options - join him, or be destroyed. The Exodus joined him, becoming one of his main forces. The forces of Battleon, now aided by the Salvation weapons, fight the Exodus into the edge of Darkrovia forest, where a controlling piece of the exodus, a Soul Banisher, is defeated, causing the Exodus to be called off.

A scene is then shown with Nightbane and Epheel arguing in the field near where the Exodus was. Epheel had apparently used the Exodus without the Devourer's permission. Agent Smith, another agent of the devourer, is with them as well. He brings in a strange ball of light with tentacles, and explains that it is a fusian. The Fusians are beings of light, so they did not want to work with the Exodus. Smith explains that they have now joined the Devourer, adding another race to his forces.