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The Temple of Hope
The Ice Orb
The Fire Orb
The Darkness Orb
The Light Orb
The Water Orb
The Energy Orb
The Wind Orb
The Earth Orb


Part One: Greenguard Forest

The Cor-Dem gate, fully activated.

Galanoth and Cyrus tell the player of a disturbance in Greenguard Forest. The player, after arriving there, is confronted by Loremaster Falerin Ardendor. Falerin explains many things to the player in the forest, over the course of a day. Eventually, Falerin tells the player that they must find a place called the Temple of Hope, a place on a continent far to the east called Deren. He says there is a thing called the Cor-Dem gate hidden away in the woods, and then teleports away. Glenn Galrick, whom had been with Falerin at the time, decides to go with the player to find the gate.

As the night slowly turns to sunrise, the player and Galrick find the gate. After using knowledge of Cor-Demi runes, they are able to open the gate, and travel to Deren, the temple in front of where they landed.

Part Two: The Temple of Hope

Entering the Temple, the player and Galrick meet King Tralin who is of a subspecies of drakel with fur and hair, a blending of drakel. Tralin reveals that the Drakel word for all Drakel citizens is Kruath'ri. Tralin explains that there are many types of drakel, and mentions that he and Galrick have met before. Soon, he explains that The'Galin is the Devourer, the Uncreator, and the urgency of surviving him. He then calls out a small yellow moglin named Nel. Nel then guides the player to the Temple library, where they read several books detailing the history of the Devourer and Deren.

The Temple of Hope.

After returning to the throne room, the player hears Galrick and Tralin speaking about a man named Ryussei Cartwright. They do not speak further, though the player may ask Tralin more. Tralin explains that he is the Avatar of Life, and there are 8 other avatar on Lore, harboring beings called Annunaki. Tralin explains that those are the people who can help fight the Devourer, and that they are to be trusted.

Part Three: The Hunt for the Orbs

Tralin explains that the statue behind him is a source to channel the power of the elemental lords and unite them with Creation. He explains that the woman depicted in the statue is Lorithia, the Creator of Lore. Each pedestal behind her is a place for one of the Prime Elemental Orbs, left behind by the elemental lords as small pieces of their own power. The player, with the help of Nel, then heads out to retrieve all of these orbs.

The first orb the player seeks is the orb of Ice. Warlic appears to the player, telling them of the hidden basement in the guardian tower where the orb was kept after it was retrieved from King Frost, they make their way there and take it, Warlic making a duplicate so no one will notice its absence.

The second orb the player goes after is the orb of Fire. Destroyed by Drakonnan, the shattered pieces lay around the ruins of smoke mountain. The player manages to retrieve one from a hoard of fire monsters, another from a band of Fire Knights who were keeping it on Drakonnan's throne, a third from a nest of Salamanders, and the final one from a pyromancer trying to recreate Drakonnan's events. Uniting the pieces together, the orb is reformed.

The third orb, the orb of Darkness, is retrieved from the Mysterious Necromancer in Darkrovia Forest. He laughs as the player takes it, but then returns the next day with an army of undead, commanded by him and flanked by Zorbak and Kabroz. The army is battled back to Darkrovia, and the Mysterious Necromancer gives up on his chase, heading off in the direction of Deren.

The fourth orb, this time the orb of Light, is taken from Mai the lightbringer in the centre mountain of Dwarfhold, after the player is flown there on the back of the winged unicorn Lucius - leader of the Lucian clan on Paxia - after he decides that to stop the devourer, the clans and elements must unite.

The fifth orb is the orb of water. Aquella brings the player to the bottom of the sea, where the orb is stolen by Sea Squirts. Soon after they are defeated, the orb is taken by Vagarans. Taking the orb back from them, Aquella and the player head back to the surface, where they are ambushed by Thefarus the Sea Fiend, Aquella's brother. They both battle him until he returns to the ocean floor.

The sixth orb is the energy orb, held by the great energy wyrm Krenos. Robina, equipped with water arrows, leads the player to the mountain peak where Krenos resides. Swallowing the orb, Krenos spits it back out after being beaten.

The seventh and penultimate orb is the orb of Wind. Heading to the Skraeling Desert, the player finds Dr. Ai Pang from Paxia testing a flying machine. Offering to test it for him, the player navigates through the desert using the device called the "Evane". Landing outside a palace buried in the sand, the player enters to try and retrieve the orb from the top of the palace. Suld, a warrior who tried to unite the tribes and was exiled, stops the player. He claims he wishes to use the orb to unite the tribes forcefully, but his plans end as he is beaten by the player.

The final orb, the orb of Earth, is inside a cave guarded by the creature known as Spiver. Assisted by a magical forest squirrel named Muldoon, the player enters the cave and battles a massive worm before finally battling Spiver and retrieving the final orb. With all the orbs found, the player returns to the temple and places each orb on its respective pedestal. However, nothing happens. Tralin explains that the orb of Creation must be placed in Lorithia's hands before the orbs can be truly united.