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K'eld Ner
Deren Beach
Cigeli Canyon
Edress Point
Dagin Fields
Deep Lake
Necromancer Fortress
The Stranger in Greenguard
The Sinister Seven


Part One: K'eld Ner

The Mysterious Necromancer.

Back in the Temple of Hope, Tralin speaks with Darin and Nel. Soon, the window above the temple opens, and a winged figure flies in. It is revealed that it is Giliara Celegra, one of the few renegade Brilhado who haven't joined the Devourer.

Nel is sent to retrieve Twilly from Battleon. The player, arriving at the Cor-Dem gate shortly after Twilly, is told that Tralin wishes to see them.

The player, arriving in the Temple, is told by Tralin that he and a brilhado by the name of Diviara did battle a long time ago, and Diviara used a powerful spell of the Devourer called The Cold. The Creation Orb shielded Tralin, but it shattered into pieces. Diviara gathered up these pieces, and fled.

Darin, Giliara, Nel, and the player, all head to K'eld Ner. Outside the city gates, they are confronted by the Mysterious Necromancer. However, Giliara calls out the name of Diviara, and the necromancer removes his hood to reveal Diviara Celegra. Giliara reveals Diviara to be his older brother, and Diviara taunts the group, telling them to try and get the shards of the orb from him. Diviara then flies off.

Part Two: Flight of the Brilhado

Diviara lands in Deren Beach, Giliara and the player running ahead of Nel and Darin. Fighting through a small army of brilhado, the two reach Diviara and a brilhado necromancer. Claiming that Giliara is his nephew, Diviara instructs the necromancer to not harm him, but kill the player. The necromancer puts up a brief fight, but is defeated, and Diviara flees and drops a shard of the orb, telling Giliara to head for Cigeli Canyon.

Another small force of brilhado awaits at Cigeli, but the player and Giliara fight through them, aided by the salvation weapons. Diviara, waiting at the bridge across the canyon, uses his skills at necromancy to summon a Dracolich, again instructing it to not kill Giliara. Giliara and the player defeat the dracolich easily, Giliara's light magic being an aid. Diviara, dropping another shard, is noticeably distraught when Giliara tries to persuade him back to the side of unity, but flies off angrily to Edress point, leading his forces with him.

At Edress, the army of brilhado is now flanked by large Kresh spiders - creatures thought long dead. It is revealed that Diviara had been bringing them back to life and had even created a massive giant version of the already huge spiders for his own purposes. Sending out the spider, Giliara and the player kill it, only to find that Diviara has already fled and is left another shard. Giliara then tells the player that Diviara must have fled to Dagin.

However, once the two arrive at Dagin Fields, there is no army. Giliara flies on ahead of the player to meet with Diviara. The player catches up, finding the brothers arguing. Diviara claims love is a disease, yet Giliara reminds him that even The'Galin has things he loves. Diviara seems to consider leaving the Devourer, but instead denies Giliara's request and flies to Deep Lake.

At the lake, Giliara and the player watch as Diviara kills a Braken and re-animates it, sending it plunging into the lake and dragging Giliara and the player with it. Giliara's light magic dispatches the undead braken, but Diviara is furious. He claims that love has brought him nothing but pain, reminding Giliara that his son believes him responsible for his mother's death. Diviara says the End has begun, and flies toward the Necromancer Fortress, dropping another shard.

Giliara's infamous death scene.

Giliara and the player reach the grounds outside the fortress, but Giliara seems worried. Diviara, waiting at the steps, sends forth a second giant Kresh spider which Giliara defeats. However, as the spider falls, a Brilhado soldier flies up behind Giliara and spears him through the back. Diviara calls him his brother, incriminating him. Killing the soldier, Diviara runs over to Giliara, who uses his last bits of strength to persuade Diviara to join the side of unity and then dies. Diviara and the player fight their way out of the fortress grounds, Diviara now a target of the Devourer's forces after leaving his post as general.

Part Three: Man in White

While things are being sorted out on Deren, the player is told that there are strange disturbances going on in Greenguard Forest. Upon arriving there, the monsters seem to be over-acting. The player eventually arrives in a small grove, where a man in white robes with an owl on his shoulder is sitting cross-legged. He claims to be looking for Falerin.

Assisting the player in leaving the forest, but then moves farther ahead. The man meets with Falerin at the edge of Greenguard, and tells Falerin that something called the Prison of Ages has been broken. He tells Falerin that someone has requested him, and the player is left confused as the man in white walks away.

Part Four: The Sinister Seven

The creation orb finally rebuilt, it is returned to the temple. However, as the player and Diviara arrive back at the temple, they find it in ruins with the orbs stolen. Diviara tells Tralin that Giliara has been killed as Darin returns to the temple.

Darin claims that his soldiers overheard a group speaking near the temple grounds shortly after the temple was destroyed. A scene then shows Drakonnas, Drakonnan's son (in his armor.), Sila, Calladus, Nepto, the Zardmaster, and Jack Frost gathered together. They are confused at why they are there, claiming they were summoned by someone. A loud, unseen voice appears from overhead, and the prime orbs float down to each of the 7 villains. The voice claims it wants revenge, and the scene cuts back to Darin in the temple. Darin claims that the group was tracked to an abandoned drakel lab southwest of the temple.

Drakath reborn.

At the lab, Artix, Mercuria, Aquella, Galanoth, Warlic, and Zorbak have joined the fight with the army of Deren against the 7 villains and a mysterious force of dark monsters. Diviara and the player storm the lab, rushing through the forces to the top floor. There, they are confronted by Drakath. Drakath claims that using the blood spilled through all of Lore's countless wars, along with the power of all the orbs and the Orb of Creation in one place, he reanimated himself back to fully living form. The undead form of him, which Diviara had created, was incapable of thinking, but Drakath's soul lived on. The player and Diviara then attack Drakath head on, defeating the massive dragon and retrieving the orbs. The forces of Deren flee the crumbling lab as it slowly falls apart and catches fire.

A scene then plays with Drakath lying near death in the flaming ruins. A brilhado necromancer appears, claiming that the Brilhado want Drakath for other purposes, and brings him back to life with improved strength. Drakath, his desire for revenge amplified by The Cold, agrees to co-operate with the Devourer.