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The Network Strikes
Pirates vs. Ninjas
A new power of the Devourer?
Doc Sawbones war (rare)
The Legacy of Xilar
The Evil of Omega
Drakel Civil War
War of the Clans!
In the Aftermath of Chaos
Worlds in Peril
Strange Whispers


Part One: The Avatars

The orbs reunited in the Temple of Hope.

With the orbs all back in the repaired Temple of Hope, the player approaches the statue. The pedestals sink into the ground, and the window above Tralin opens and shines a strange light on the ground. A strange machine which resembles a scale rises out of the floor. After solving a puzzle to form the number 755 with the rocks in the scale, the scale sinks back into the ground. The light from the window shines purple, and all the lights in the temple are extinguished.

The player sees a vision of 8 silhouettes, each representing one of the avatars Tralin mentioned. As the cutscene ends, news reaches the player that strange creatures have arrived in the jungle north of the Middle Isles.

Part Two: The Network Strikes!

Many creatures of the Devourer's network have started to arrive in the Dark Lands north of the Middle Isles, attacking the surrounding area and protecting a small tower near the mountain range. Several of the forces appear to be from other planets, and forces of the Devourer from before have returned as well.

Fighting their way through, the player and Diviara, along with the Huntress and Yulgar, make their way to the tower. However, the player goes in alone, while the others hold off the monsters outside. Inside, the player meets Wolfwing - now healed, wielding water elemental gauntlets. Nightbane appears, and attacks the two. After being defeated, Nightbane says he was just a test, and that they will meet again.

Part Three: Pirates vs. Ninjas

The player is told that there is a war occurring near Mt.Daijin. Upon arrival, the Red Betty is seen in the water near the beach. Captain Rhubarb has been told that there is treasure at the base of Mt. Daijin, and Elizabeth has been told that the pirates will raid the surrounding area. Both claim to have been told this by a very credible friend, and are both fighting without knowing what the other has been told.

Rhubarb's ship is raided first, and he is defeated. Elizabeth is then attacked in the dojo at the mountain's base, and is defeated in similar fashion. However, as Rhubarb and Elizabeth head out to the battlefield to meet, they find Blackhawke. Claiming to now work for the Devourer, he says that he tried to pit the two against each other on purpose. The player, along with Elizabeth and the Captain, attack Blackhawke, and a black vapor leaves his body as he is defeated. They discern that the Devourer had possessed Blackhawke, but Rhubarb is still confident that he can be stopped.

Part Four: Doc Sawbones

Back around the edge of Darkovia, some of the living trees of the area discuss the recent absence of the Mysterious Necromancer, following the revelation of him being Diviara. Before they can further argue the point, however, what appears to be the Mysterious Necromancer enters the area, and summons a large undead whom he refers to as "Doc Sawbones". Revealing that the recent amount of wars have left hundreds of bodies on the battlefield, the Necromancer tasks Sawbones with retrieving the bodies to re-animate for his own army. Before leaving, Sawbones asks for a small force of undead he can use to transport the bodies, and introduces his assistant Nurse Botoxia.

With the undead army raised, Sawbones and Botoxia spread out over eastern Battlonia, spanning the area of the desert to the mountains. Artix, Robina, Warlic, and the player, as well as surrounding forces, begin to take down the undead before the plan can be accomplished, however, beating the undead back to surround Sawbones. Defeating Botoxia, they proceed to defeat Sawbones before losing the Necromancer as he teleports away from the battle.

Part Five: The Drakel Civil War

K'eld Naer.

K'eld Naer is launched into civil war after Minister Bree-Ha decides that if he can join the Devourer, he can rule the universe along with the rest of the drakel. Assisting him is cybernetic drakel warlord Fansarin. Believing they are superior over all races, they attack the Orcs and the Elves, along with the humans, in an attempt to bring about the coming of the Devourer.

Lavistria and General Brontus, leaders of their own kind (Elves and Orcs, respectively.), rally their own forces to attempt to combat the drakel. Knowing that the Devourer thrives on discord, they attempt to work together with drakel against the civil war and humans to align themselves with unity. The battle then ensues, spanning the way across the area's mountain ranges.

Fighting their way into K'eld Naer, Lavistria, Brontus, and the player find Fansarin with his machete to Bree-Ha's throat. Claiming that he does not care whether or not the drakel rule the universe, he merely wants the power of the Devourer for himself.

Bree-Ha is freed, and the three attack Fansarin. At the last moment, damage to his legs causes them to give out, and his machete falls out of his hand and impales him. Bree-Ha is taken into custody by Lavistria and Brontus, and the civil war ends.

Part Six: The Evil of Omega

Falerin, Galrick, and Diviara discuss the events of the pirates and ninjas over the past few days. It is discovered that the ability to possess others is a new power of the Devourer. The Huntress and The Eternal - whom Falerin reveals their names to be Celestra and Garavin, respectively - arrive shortly after, discussing the events of the civil war in K'eld Naer. The Huntress believes that Blackhawke being possessed was a sign of the Omega, The'Galin's strongest agent, though the Huntress says he is not on Lore yet.

The next day, Diviara speaks of how the Mysterious Necromancer will always exist, because it is a title, not a person. He says there have been others before him, and there will be more. The group then discuss how the avatars are safe from Omega. Falerin explains that if someone is already hosting something - in the avatar's case, Annunaki - Omega cannot enter their body.

On the third day, the group travel to the necromancer fortress. Diviara is believed to be a traitor by some of The'Galin's forces, and others believe he was acting on orders given by the Devourer, so he is able to gather information. He learns that Omega is apparently trying to re-create the Legacy of Xilar - causing war and ending unity.

On the final day, Diviara scouts out the fortress and sees a Brilhado necromancer speaking to a figure offscreen. The figure says that they have been given orders to not harm Diviara. The necromancer follows the orders, calling the figure "Lord Omega".

Part Seven: Chaos among the Clans

News comes from Paxia that the leaders of the 8 elemental clans have disappeared. Some of the clan members believe that the other clans took their leaders, and others believe that it was the work of the Devourer. Chaos ensues, and the clans battle each other out of confusion. Eventually, the majority of the group fights for unity instead, believing that fighting amongst themselves would be what the Devourer wants.

Soon, the clan leaders are freed. Paxus and Negatus arrive at the reunion of the clans, but a man in a red and gold suit appears in front of them. He thanks the clans for fighting and causing so much chaos, as the Devourer thrives off such things. Geoto threatens to destroy the man, but he teleports away. The clan leaders then discuss how unity cannot be forced, and they must leave their clansmen to choose on their own.

Falerin appears soon after, and Paxus tells him that "He" was here. Falerin apologizes for not arriving sooner, and Paxus expresses concern that the clans might divide further. Falerin believes that while some may divide, the number of those who will unify will be great enough to make a difference, and then leaves after wishing the clans luck.

Part Eight: In the Aftermath of Chaos

Ryussei Cartwright, outside the necromancer fortress.

Diviara and Galrick discuss the events of the clan war outside the necromancer fortress. During their conversation, the man in the red suit appears once more, and Galrick recognizes him immediately, revealing him to be Ryussei Cartwright.

A brilhado necromancer appears and offers to use The Cold on Galrick and Diviara, but Ryussei tells him that Diviara is more skilled, and it would be a useless effort. The necromancer then offers to send word of the victory of Unity on paxia to someone called "Lord Ojo", but Ryussei instead instructs him to get information on Battleonia (the most Northwest continent.). The necromancer tries to tell Ryussei they have other orders, but Ryussei uses The Cold on the him and forces him to get the information.

Telling Galrick that he wishes to complete the transformation he started on Planet Terra, Ryussei then disappears.

Part Nine: Strange Whispers

The Void Moon.

Wolfwing is in the main street of Granemor, speaking with Dewlok and Cenara. Wolfwing sends Cenara to speak to an unspecified person, while Dewlok and Wolfwing discuss the appearance of the Void Moon above Granemor. While the moon will not harm anyone, it seems to bother Wolfwing. Dewlok says it is a sign of the Devourer's coming.

Wolfwing believes that it observes as much as Lord Ojo, who is revealed be named Louis Zephyr, a Terran. Dewlok explains that Ojo is short for Ojodeldavorador, "Eye of the Devourer" in a Terran language. Dewlok also says he has been watching Epheel, and he saw him speaking with a human in a Sandy Claws suit.

Part Ten: Worlds in Peril

Eldron and his owl, Keeshish Kin.

Back on Deren, Falerin and the man clothed in white from Greenguard Forest speak of various happenings on Planet Terra, the figure's name being revealed to be Eldron. Eldron tells what he has learned on Terra. Ryussei was apparently the adopted son of Matthew Twain, and went by the name of Robert Twain for some years. Eventually, Ryussei killed Matthew, and went back to his old name. Finally, Eldron has discovered that a letter informing The'Galin's armies of what to do has been delivered to the Brilhado Gate.

Soon, the player arrives after Falerin has left. Eldron informs the player of the plan to steal the letter from The'Galin, and replace it with a double. Transforming the player into a Brilhado Necromancer, Eldron then sends the player to bluff their way through the agents of The'Galin.

Through the course of the day, the player meets various muscled brilhado guards, and answers the questions they ask to gain access to further reaches of the Brilhado region. The player learns that The'Galin lived on the continent of Inilar, in Tjeli, and worked in an orphanage. They also learn that Xilar spread the lie to people that the elemental lords were ever at war to cause chaos amongst them. Furthermore, it is learned that Falerin is a Caelestian, and that Ryussei is a Vesperian.

Arriving at the fortress, Eldron, Galrick, and the player make their way inside and find the safe room where the letter is being kept. Reading it, it details that The'Galin is observing Lore for signs of unity, and if the people of Lore can truly put unity among their priorities, there may be hope for Lore. However, Ryussei appears as Eldron casts an invisibility spell over the three, and despite the letter's contents tells the necromancer that came with him to launch an attack and show no mercy.