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Claw Tip Landing
No Good Deed... Part I
No Good Deed... Part II
Dense Red Fog


Part One: DragonClaw Island

Upon returning to Battleon, the player finds a note from a Beleqwaya Melamin lying in the back of Yulgar's Inn. Beleqwaya, whom had been staying at the inn, claimed he had spent some time searching for things across the world of Lore. The note tells the player to take a boat from the coast of the swamplands, to the tip of DragonClaw island.

A map of DragonClaw Island.

Some time later, the player manages at Claw Tip Landing. Arriving in what appear to be ruins, the player meets up with Beleqwaya. Beleqwaya explains that he came to DragonClaw in search of several magical artifacts, as well as to find a magic Focus Site located on the island called "Cifu Estos". Lastly, he explains that the mysterious red cloud of fog located along the island's south-eastern coast is blocking his progress to an artifact important to his research. He then sends the player off in search of his list of components to his spell, as well as the ingredients, promising the player an artifact in return for their service.

Soon, the player gathers the ingredients from across the continent, and eventually returns to Beleqwaya, collecting a treasure as part of their deal. Next, Beleqwaya sends the player to the Hedge maze. Though the player manages to reach the exit, it is blocked by a dangerous magic portal, sealing off the entrance to Cifu Estos. Discouraged, the player returns to Beleqwaya.

Part Two: No Good Deed

Back on Deren, Eldron tells Falerin of what was learned at the Brilhado Gate. Discussing the events witnessed, The Huntress and The Eternal arrive. It is determined that Ryussei is indeed acting of his own motives. As they finish their discussion, Diviara flies in and tells the group that Network Forces are closing in on them. An off-screen figure orders the brilhado necromancers to kill all but Galrick, claiming he is needed for other purposes.

Falerin orders The Huntress and the Eternal to leave with Galrick. Galrick briefly protests, but Falerin quickly dismisses his requests and the three teleport away. Once again calling the unseen figure "Lord Omega", the necromancers then begin to close in on Diviara and Falerin as it is realised that they are now going against Omega's orders to not harm Diviara.

Back outside K'eld Ner, Galrick, The Huntress and the Eternal have safely escaped the attack. The Eternal leaves to aid Diviara and the Loremaster, leaving The Huntress and Galrick alone.

The Huntress, asking why Galrick is wearing a santa hat, revealing that she has been to Terra and knows that the hat is worn around Christmas time. Galrick, being asked why he has mistletoe attached to the hat, explains the custom of kissing anyone who comes under the plant. After an awkward moment, Galrick reveals that he was at one time a married man, but his wife was killed in Sentar on the continent of Neld. He believes he will not surivive the coming attacks, claiming that "they still want him". He goes on, saying that Vandarians attacked Neld, and he unleashed an army of undead. The Huntress attempts to comfort him as he reveals that Tralin's father King Draynor died because of him. Galrick, believing the Devourer's function to be necessary, is reminded by the Huntress that the Network is not, and they must be stopped. Galrick then admits that he wants to die fighting the Network, but the Huntress believes that he still has a chance to survive, then kisses him on the cheek.

Back at the beach where Falerin and Diviara were, Falerin has decimated an entire contingent of Brilhado, apparently with a single spell. Telling the single remaining soldier to return to Omega and tell him not to attack him again, Falerin enrages the Brilhado. However, Diviara uses The Cold on him, and forces the soldier to return to Omega.

Part Three: The Tower of Xyphos

Back on DragonClaw Island, the player meets with Beleqwaya at the edge of the Red Fog, being told that he believes the final instrument in his spell is located within the tower located in the center of the fog. Sending the player through a path he cuts in the fog, Beleqwaya instructs the player to find a reddish purple sphere that should be somewhere inside.

Upon reaching the tower, the player is stopped by a man guarding the tower, who informs the player that someone is being held within the tower. Disregarding the warning, the player ventures inside to find red glowing runes etched into the walls in every room. Travelling to the top of the tower, the player finds a tattered scroll misleading them about the runes written above it. Keeping it in mind, the player returns to the ground floor, hoping to find the sphere there instead.

Xyphos Celestin.

Stumbling across the basement, the player manages to navigate tunnels packed with crystals and stone etched with many more of the strange red runes. Eventually reaching a door with an odd looking lock on it, the player presses the combination they found on the upper floor and enters the now unlocked room, finding a large red circle inscribed on the floor with even more of the runes. Looking up, the player discovers a rotting corpse hanging by some chains on the wall, which drops down and recites some strange phrases before overpowering and killing the player.

Upon dying, the player meets a strange man dressed in similar clothing to the corpse. Claiming he was taking a nap, the man excitedly restores the player to life using the circle in the room, as well as coming back to life himself and obliterating the corpse. Beleqwaya then runs in, and after a short conversation the man reveals himself to be Xyphos Celestin - as well as a friend of Beleqwaya. He had been experimenting with necromancy and various other things within his tower, and had killed himself in order to explore what undeath was like. Returning the orb to Beleqwaya, the player heads to Battleon while Beleqwaya prepares the spell to access Cifu Estos.