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The Beginning of the End
The Fall Forseen
Lair of the Lava Drake
Strange Friends
Attack on Granemor
Beneath the Shifting Sands
Like Father, Like Son
The Fall of Augerthorne
Mount Thrall
A Network Divided


Part One: The Beginning of the End

Returning to Battleon, the player arrives in time to see a wounded Wolfwing entering the town. Wolfwing, attempting to explain himself, is then confronted by Artix, whom demands he explain his presence. Upon asking this, Dewlok and Cenara walk up beside him, Dewlok claiming that Wolfwing is there because Dewlok asked him to head to Battleon to seek help against the forces of the Devourer - or more specifically, his agents. Dewlok, after mentioning how Wolfwing had fought for their cause once before (in the jungle against Nightbane), then explains that Nightbane is now influenced heavily by Epheel, who according to ancient moglin texts is the harbringer of the Devourer.

According to Cenara, Nightbane again tried to kill Wolfwing, attacking him before turning himself upon her. She is still resolute, however, that Nightbane can be persuaded to turn to their side. Wolfwing ends the conversation by asking for Artix's help, stating that Nightbane has been changed by the void and is a threat to all of them, pointing out that fighting him as well as the Network would exhaust their forces too quickly. Artix is finally persuaded to help them, as is the player, and the group head for Darkrovia to attempt to convert Nightbane to the side of unity.

Arriving in Darkrovia, Nightbane's forces attempt to thwart the player's progress towards him, but they are eventually diminished enough to cut a path to him. Confronting Nightbane, he once again attacks the player, beating them easily and demonstrating his power. Agent Smith and Epheel appear at his side, but Cenara begins to persuade Nightbane. Epheel begins to urge Nightbane to kill her, but Cenara explains that Epheel is a liar and only deceives to get his way, while he continues to demand Cenara be killed.

Reminding Nightbane of his nobility and his once honorable life, Cenara finally manages to change his mind, and Nightbane grabs Smith by the head, tossing him aside. Turning himself on Epheel, he grabs him by the throat and reminds him of his habit of turning on his masters, then crushes Epheel's head. Epheel's body dissolves into the ground, and Nightbane reveals that Epheel's soul now belongs to the Devourer, and vows that he wishes to see The'Galin dead, telling Cenara that her father, if he still exists inside him, still loves her very much and then proceeds to leave the area.

Part Two: The Fall Forseen

Back on Deren, Diviara flies to the Necromancer Fortress to spy on Smith and Ryussei. Following Epheel's death, Agent Smith returns to Ryussei to report, telling him that his power is dwindling with Nightbane's defection. Ryussei merely waves off the idea, however, reminding Smith that killing The'Galin is impossible, and that they plan to turn Nightbane against his son, Edward. Explaining that Edward will turn against Nightbane of his own accord, Ryussei then instructs Smith to find Diviara's son, Amiliara .

As Diviara wonders if Amiliara has returned to Lore, against his orders of staying on Caelestia, Falerin appears and teleports himself and Diviara back to K'eld Ner to speak with Darin . Diviara realises that he should not attack to save his son, as that is what they want him to do. Falerin instructs Darin to secure Amiliara before Ryussei and Smith do, then tells Diviara to come with him.

Part Three: Lair of the Lava Drake

Galanoth, after chasing a large Drake across the salt flats of the Skraeling Desert, comes to stop at the base of an incredibly large rock formation (which he dubs Dragon-Head Rock), scaling it with the aid of a grappling hook and his crossbow in an attempt to chase the Drake. However, before he can scale the remaining area of the rock, an explosion from a pressurized pocket of lava explodes onto the precepice he is on, forcing him to abandon his chase.

Returning to Battleon, Galanoth seeks aid from the player and Battleon's forces, revealing the Drake's name to be Gravis. Launching an attack on the rock, they are impeded by several dragons - including rare Sand Dragons, wyverns, and blue wyverns. As the battle progresses, the player gets closer to the rock, eventually reaching the entrance of the inner cavern with Galanoth, witnessing Gravis addressing a large rock shaped like a dragon. As his conversation continues, it is revealed that the rock is actually an Elder Dragon which hid in the rock to attempt to escape the Devourer during his last coming.

Galanoth faces off against Gravis.

Gravis tries to free the Elder, but as it slowly awakes Galanoth rushes him, only to be knocked away by a blast of flames after a short battle as the player runs in to his aid. Defeating the large Lava Drake, the player and Galanoth decide to place a small contingent of Dragonslayers to guard the Elder Dragon to prepare for its eventual awakening.

Part Four: Strange Friends

Back in Battleon, Galanoth notifies the player that Darin was looking for him earlier. Amilara has been spotted on Battleonia, having been seen during the effort to convert Nightbane to the side of Unity. As Galanoth explains that Darin has left already, Falerin teleports in, also seeking Darin. After Galanoth explains the situation to Falerin, the player heads off on his orders to notify Darin that Shirian has taken over his position while he is gone.

Out in a small clearing in the forest, Amilara is seen standing between two undead - one undead elven archer, the other a robed skeleton with glasses and a staff who's arm has fallen off - which Amilara repairs. The robed skeleton claims that he was forced to fight by beings using The Cold. Amilara explains that some people revel in evil, such as Sawbones and Botoxia. The skeleton has apparently heard of those who slay undead, believing it will free them from misery. The skeleton, whom Amilara calls Cagliari, is confused by the fact that humans do not consider him alive, which Amilara begins to further explain as Darin arrives. Revealing that Botoxia saw him, Amilara asks Cagliara to create a distraction so that they may escape - to which he happily obliges.

Amilara, Darin, and Cagliari.

The player, after being attacked by a Wood Golem in the forest, manages to track down Amilara and Darin, being told to not attack Cagliari and the archer as they are Amilara's friends. They then leave, and the remaining group begin to plan how to return to Deren, as well as Darin revealing that Shirian is Tralin's son, and effectively the Prince of Deren. Darin has apparently had a group of Drakel Casters set up a portal south of the forest, but the player suggests using the Cor-Dem Stone. However, before they can decide, Cagliari returns and warns that Agent Smith is approaching - as well as revealing that he is also a Vesperian. The group then escort Amilara through Smith's forces, only to find Falerin and what appears to be Bree-Ha at the portal site - with the portal still not up.

The Drakel is revealed to be Yeeuh-Ha, Bree-Ha's cousin - though Bree-Ha is revealed to have been freed from custody by a group of Divisionists and is already on Deren. Falerin tells the player to return to Battleon to alert its inhabitants of this event, and promises to safely escort Amilara and Darin back to Deren.

Part Five: Attack on Granemor

Back at the Guardian tower, the player meets Galanoth, who has received missive from Diviara that the Network is about to attack the Temple of Hope. The two are interrupted by the abrubt arrival of Falerin, who asks Galanoth to gather the town leaders in front of the Inn. When the player announces their intention to go to the Temple and stop the Network, Falerin informs them that The'Galin's agents are striking a blow much closer to home. Dewlok and Vampireslayer E promptly enters, the former shouting about an army of undead arising in Granemor, one which is overwhelming them even with the help of Amilara's friends. The player quickly decides to go off to Granemor instead.

An undead ninja reports that the player comes to defend Granemor. A massive undead enters the scene, and orders to let them come and die. Artix, Yulgar, Galanoth, and Robina all came with to help defend the town, and the Huntress and Diviara added their aid as well.

Slowly outnumbered, Granemor's defenders were forced to retreat, but determined to take the town back. The player eventually fights through the rest of the army. As they stand with Yulgar, Yulgar is suddenly whipped offscreen, and the attacker booms, "WHAT A MISTAKE YOU MADE IN BEING THE LAST TO FLEE FROM THE BATTLE! NOW YOU WILL DIE AND JOIN OUR RANKS!" The player manages to defeat the undead fiend; however in the struggle Granemor was almost entirely obliterated.

Part Six: Beneath the Shifting Sands

A starry night sky. A spaceship suddenly appears from nowhere, launching escape pods and breaking apart as it heads rapidly downward. Pods and chunks of ship land hard in the mountainous forested area below, though at least one of the former manages to land properly. The scene changes to a Drakel, a human, an elf and an orc in the catacombs of a hidden city beneath the desert sands.

The Drakel, Terul'sith is finishing a story which ends with the ship's impending crash. He was one of those placed in emergency transit to get help and attempt then find their way back to the Order. Thorne Lorin, the human, asks for confirmation that a baby named Daniel Stoneforge has been affected by the Cold due to the actions of a double agent, which Terul'sith gives, adding that the Network will soon arrive on Lore. Before he can finish his sentence, however, Thorne cuts across him and informs him that the Network is already moving against Lore in full force. He then tells his friends Kendrel and Culak (the elf and the orc, respectively) that they should split up. He asks them to go back to the Ulgathi (orc) village of Gulgin Dar, headed by Culak's father Mardu. If it is safe, Culak should search for his cousin Brontus in Augerthorne. Kendrel is to return to the Elani (elves) and seek his sister Lavistria. Thorne declares that he, as a knight of Lorithia, must answer the call of the Sigma Directive and will therefore aid Terul'sith in any way he can. They part to go their separate ways.

Xilar the Silari

After they have left, a Brilhado and an ancient-looking Drakel, a Silari, emerge from their listening post behind a rock formation. The Silari notes the unity in which the group was working, and that Ryuusei has defied Zephyr in continuing to war against the Lorians in spite of such actions. He goes on to say that the Ne'eld (“submerged place”; a Drakel city built beneath sand or water) they are currently in was once his home. His companion asks what they should do in light of what they have observed and he answers that they should teleport to Ryuusei at once and challenge him. “Your will, Lord Xilar,” replies the Brilhado. Xilar tells the Brilhado not to call him Lord, as he does not feel he deserves such an honorarium, especially not from one who's people he ruined. The two argue, the Brilhado claiming that Xilar misunderstood The'Galin's command. Xilar dismisses this, saying that he interpreted the command as he did because he chose to. He then adds ominously, “It is that legacy that Cartwright seeks to reclaim.”

Part Seven: Like Father , Like Son

In Darkovia, Nightbane attacks Vampireslayer E, Edward, demanding what Edward has taken from him. Edward claims he does not know what Nightbane was talking about, but this only makes Nightbane hit him again. Cenara, who has been watching, asks her father what he is doing. He tells her to stay out of it, and says he needs the power of the Avatar of Death if he is to destroy the Devourer. He goes on to say that since Edward's birth he has sought a way to restore the Avatar to him without having to kill Edward. However he prepares to do just that, though before he can strike the blow Cenara places herself between them. "You cannot do this!!" she cries. "I must!" he replies. "You do not understand, Father. I did not say that you may not, I said that you



She clarifies by telling him that Death has Forsaken Edward and moved on to her. He had already been training her to take his place, and Nightbane berates her for turning against vampires and darkness because they are darkness, as Edward did. She says that she will do no such thing, but rather intends to fight not for the element of light but the light of truth. This reminds Nightbane of Cenara's mother, Evina, prompting Cenara to ask what happened to her. Nightbane had taken her to him so they could talk. She said she still loved him but also loved her new husband; then news of his death came. She said she needed time and then vanished; leaving no signs that Nightbane was able to find. He tells Cenara that she is too noble for him to kill, and she replies that it would not do him any good anyway, as Death cannot exist within an undead. He says that he will destroy the Devourer with the power he does have. Edward offers to help, but Nightbane tells him that although he is Forsaken as well, he is still far better. Nightbane then declares that he will destroy the Devourer for them even should it cost him his life and flies off. Cenara muses over his imminent failure, and as Edward turns to leave, she asks where he is going. He says that although his father does not want his aid and Death has Forsaken him, there are some things he may still be able to do and he intends to see this through to the end. He adds that for the first time in a long time, he is as proud to be Balius' son as Balius claims he is to be Edward's father. He leaves, and Cenara wonders aloud what has happened to her mother.

Part Eight: The Fall of Augerthorne

Back in Battleon, Falerin apologizes for his late return, saying he was called to Caelestia and on the way back stopped to help his friend Hadin the Artificer, who lives nearby. Artix, who is present as well, says that they cannot afford any more battles like Granemor. Falerin notes that Galrick is continuing to track the movements that first drew him to Battleon, movements clearly related to Granemor. He apologizes for Dewlok's loss, though before Dewlok can finish saying what it is he has dealt with much worse that saving Wolfwing from, they are interrupted by the arrival of Kendrel and Culak. Kendrel says that Drakel and Elves in Greenguard have reported a massive movement by the Brilhado, the treacherous Drakel, and many Drakel of a kind not seen previously. Culak adds that the Ulgathi of Gulgin Daar have family in the Ulgathi's homeland, the target of the attack. The player asks what “Ulgathi” and “Gulgin Daar” mean, and Falerin answers that they are the Orc's word for themselves and their name for their village in Greenguard as well as the forest itself. Though as he says, “The study of comparative language, however, is perhaps better suited for a time when multiple armies are not springing forth all over your backyard?” The player says that they were just going to ask where this homeland is. Falerin responds that it is Augerthorne, which is where they should go. He tells them to assess the situation and the strength of the opposing forces and return, adding that they should do their best to come back alive, lest the Brilhado add them to the ranks of their undead army.

They fighting is cut off when Xilar abruptly teleports in and orders the Silari to fall back and aid Battleonia instead. Agent Smith runs in and tells him to “strike the killing blow already,” but Xilar replies that neither he nor his people will do anything of the sort, as they reject the war as invalid and a violation of The'Galin's will. Smith tells him that Omega is only carrying on his legacy, but Xilar says that such association carries with it more shame than anything else as, while Smith and his like may have ideas as to what his legacy is, they have no clue as to the actual purpose of his actions, and states that that association is ended immediately. Smith shouts that Xilar's betrayal shall not stand, as he will personally tell Omega of it. Xilar shouts back that he is not the one guilty of betrayal, and will speak to Cartwright himself. Smith says that he will lead the remaining armies on his own if needed to proceed with the Manifestation. Xilar tells him that the Drakel will abandon him when they hear of the defection of the Silari, and, before vanishing, adds that Smith should tell Ryuusei to be careful, as he just might obtain what he seeks. Bree-ha arrives and says that Xilar is right on the former count, as the Silari are of great historical import for the “more superstitious and less realistic” of the Drakel. He claims that service to the Network carries a surety of survival as The'Galin does not appear to actually do much uncreating, and volunteers to rally the remaining Drakel.

Part Nine: Mount Thrall

Part Ten: A Network Divided

Outside of a forest, Smith is finishing his report to Ryuusei with the news that Atlas Maxwell has been sighted near Mt. Thrall. Ryuusei has not forgotten Maxwell's betrayal, though Smith points out that Ryuusei didn't exactly treat Atlas well, recalling an issue with someone called Lilly. Ryuusei discards the Maxwell issue for the momente, instead choosing to berate Smith for his failure to either capture Amilara or lead the Silari against Augerthorne. Smith complains that those ventures were failures because of Darin's interference on Falerin's orders and Xilar's betrayal, respectively, neither of which was his fault. Ryuusei grumbles about Falerin's meddling and considers tricking him into violating his code of indirect interference, thus opening up a war between Caelestia and Lore.

An offscreen voice, which turns out to belong to Xilar, demands to know if he has any idea how much damage it would do. Ryuusei shows little concern for it in the face of the tactic's potential effectiveness, inspiring Xilar to claim Ryuusei does not care about the reason for his presence either. Ryuusei disputes this, and Xilar asks him what he cares for their lord's goal of redemtions. Ryuusei's answer is that the omniverse shall be purified by annihilating the impure, as he sees no chance of redemption for them; however this only provokes some very harsh deprecation of his character and his understanding of matters, particularly his carrying on Xilar's legacy. Xilar goes on to say that he is ordering the Silari to leave Omega's armies, and warns Ryuusei that he may not like what he seeks when his gets it and that a full report will be made to Ojo and The’Galin, before departing. Ryuusei himself teleports off after taking a parting jab from Smith about his level of control.

Xilar makes his report to Zephyr outside the necromancer fortress on Deren, using an Orb of Communication as he is too far away for his usual methods to work. Zephyr voices his lack of objection to the conversation, and Xilar relates Ryuusei's refusal to follow Zephyr's orders and his attempt to have Amilara taken hostage. Zephyr, already aware of this, informs Xilar that he is coming up with a plan for “dealing with” the issue but it may fall to the people of Lore to do so. Xilar recounts his own refusal to follow Omega and his orders to the Silari to protect Lore, and starts to give an explanation when Zephyr cuts him off with the statement that he need not give one. Xilar starts to object, but a third voice intrudes, saying with authority that Xilar's loyalty to its owner is unquestionable and that Xilar should “continue seeking the signs.”