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The Nightbane Chronicles (rare)
The Nightbane Chronicles: Part II
The Nightbane Chronicles: Part III
Nightbane's Fortress



The Journey to Darkovia Forest

A group of dragons attack Battleon, lead by a strange mythical beast - a Were-Dragon. with the help of Galanoth and Vampire Slayer E, the dragon is dispatched, but Galanoth and Cyrus both wonder about what could have created the beast. E tells them that only one creature could have created such a thing - the legendary Dracopyre Nightbane. E then takes the player, Galanoth, and Cyrus to Darkovia.

The group arrives, and notices from a distance that Safiria and the Were-King are speaking to a strange looking figure, who E determines to be Nightbane. Nightbane is planning to take over the abandoned castle on a mountain in Darkrovia, but the two ruling subraces do not wish for another race intruding on their kingdoms. The Were-King attempts to fight Nightbane, but Wolfwing interrupts and argues with Nightbane for misusing the gift of his race by drinking dragon blood to become a Dracopyre. Wolfwing then battles Nightbane across Dracon Bridge, eventually being blown away by a dragon breath attack from Nightbane.

The Darklaw

Zorbak approaches the group, telling the player that he wishes to help them for once, presumably for his own safety. He speaks of the one weapon powerful enough to kill Nightbane - the Darklaw. It is located in the very center of the Darkrovia marshes. Battling their way down from Dracm mountain and into the marshes, a small group headed by Artix, E, and Zorbak is lead into the marshes.

NightBane, knowing of the power of the Darklaw, sends his favorite minion to kill anyone who would try to get it. A giant beast that appears to be part dragon, vampire, and even werewolf called a NightRaider attacks the player. Monarch the Nightraider is defeated, and the Darklaw is pulled from the ground. With the darklaw in their possession, the group is lead back to Dracm Bridge by E.

Working Together

Safiria and the Were-King have lost sight of Nightbane and Wolfwing. Nightbane eventually descends, landing infront of the two. They ask about Wolfwing, but Nightbane waves it off, rather absent-mindedly saying that Wolfwing is now dead. Nightbane gives the two rulers two choices - have them and their entire kingdoms converted to dracopyres, or die. Safiria tells Nightbane to return in one day for their answer.

A Nightraider.

Safiria's messenger, Phelicia, returns, saying that she was unable to stop the group from getting the Darklaw. Safiria, saying that if Wolfwing was defeated, then it may be a good thing that they managed to retrieve the Darklaw, and sends Phelicia away. Safiria and the Were-King discuss their plans, but are confronted by the group as they return. She explains the situation, telling of how Nightbane was the favored son of Wolfwing, who committed a crime by drinking dragon blood, shunning his kind. He came to Darkovia years ago and converted some of each of their race, biting her vampire bats first and turning them into Nightraiders. The Nightraiders then bit the vampire and werewolf soldiers, converting them as well. The group then forms a temporary alliance with Safiria and the Were-King to try and defeat Nightbane, and they launch an attack on Dracon Castle.

Nightbane's Escape

Fighting their way through, Safiria and the player confront Nightbane in his throne room. They attack Nightbane with the Darklaw, and Nightbane flees to try and tend to his wounds. The player can explore part of Nightbane's castle to try and search for him.

The player finds Nightbane, drinking blood from two of his Were-Dragons, now completely enraged. Nightbane attacks the player, but is wounded again. Nightbane then smashes a window and jumps out, landing far below the Castle. E gives chase, but once he gets to where he saw Nightbane land, Nightbane is already gone.

The player can also choose to search the other area of the castle, where the player then meets Epheel, a strange spider-like creature who claims to be in the castle searching for Nightbane to give him a gift. He instead gives the gift to the player, telling how it will one day glow, signalling that an agent of the Devourer is in Lore. Epheel tells the player that they must kill this agent, and then leaves.


Epheel and Nightbane

Nightbane, now running from his enemies, stops in an open area down in the swamps. Nightbane calls out for Epheel, and Epheel approaches Nightbane. Nightbane angrily threatens Epheel for making him fake his injury and leave his castle. Epheel then calmly assures Nightbane that he would never have been able to control as much as he liked with everyone united against him. Epheel then promises Nightbane an alliance, which will grant him far more power than he could have ever imagined. Nightbane gladly accepts the offer.

The camera then switches to Wolfwing, lying unconscious and battered against a dead tree. Wolfwing's eyes open, and the camera fades.

Nightbane's Past

The group separates temporarily to prepare for Nightbane's eventual return, but E stays behind in Nightbane's castle. The player can enter the castle and speak with E, who will then explore the castle with the player. The player fights several battles against the lingering dracopyres wandering the castle, and eventually finds a note in the hands of a statue in one of the hallways.

The note, addressed to someone named Balius, is from Balius' apparent lover, Lady Evina. Saying how he became a monster, the note tells how Lady Evina has left Balius, and gone to Felrood Abbey. The player and E then leave Dracm castle, after being ambushed by Nightbane's forces on their way out.

Arriving at Felrood Abbey, it appears to be empty, but the player is attacked by Nightbane. Once defeated, Nightbane reverts to a young girl named Cenara. Cenara explains that her mother had taken her to the abbey when she was very young, and she tought her how to mimic the form of Nightbane to protect the abbey. But Nightbane, who is revealed to have been Balius, came to the abbey recently and kidnapped Lady Evina in the night. Cenara tells the player to return if Nightbane is found again.