Aged Holy Water
Level: 70
Power Level: 70
Location: Paladin Storeroom / ShadowSlayer Class Shop
Price: 5,235 Gold
Sellback: 2,617 Gold
Element: Light
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 4-26
BTH: +9
Infused with Light element and aged to perfection, holy water can be deadly to Dark monsters... especially undead, zombies and demons!
Damage: 141.46% Base, Random each, 256.45% Stats each
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +18 plus Stats each
Hits: 2
Rate: 100%
Element: Light


  • Against monster categories "undead", "zombie" and "demon", the weapon deals 110% damage. Against anything else, the weapon deals 95% damage.


The Special starts out at 310% Base and Random, 2562% Stats along with 8 BTH. Special gains +10 BTH and deals *85/95 damage. It also deals *1.02 damage for a lack of Special. The Special deals two equally powerful hits, each dealing 50%. This has ALREADY been factored in.

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