Agony Shield
Level: 40
Power Level: 40
Location: The Rise of Omega ; Devourer Saga Items Shop
Price: 254 gold
Sellback: 127 gold
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: +5
Ranged: +5
Magic: +5
Element Modifier
Fire: =-5%
Water: -5%
Wind: -5%
Ice: -5%
Earth: -5%
Energy: -5%
Light: -5%
Darkness: -5%
This shield enhances your defenses to an even greater degree against minions of the Devourer! Extra defensive panels drop from the sides of the shield when battling a servant of the Devourer.


On Monster Category "Devourer Minion"


+3 to all Combat Defences (for a total of +8 each), and -2% to all Element Modifiers (for a total of -7% each)

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