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Amilara Celegra
Race: Brilhado
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga. Dracopyre Legacy, The Bizarre Flecks Saga
Location: Unknown
When raised in a world of undeath, with undead as your companions from the time of your birth, in a family of necromancers, you get a different perspective.
—Amilara Celegra, Strange Friends

Amilara Celegra is a Brilhado and the son of Diviara Celegra. While he is a necromancer like his father, he thinks of the undead as his friends rather than his minions.

Appearance and personality

Amilara is exceedingly loyal to his friends, seeing them as no different from other people. His negotiation of shelter on Caelestia would indicate a head for practical matters and, while normally calm, when pushed to anger he displays an explosive temper.


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Early life

When Amilara was twelve his mother suffered an unrepairable broken wing in a raid on a village, ending her use in the military, and Diviara openly expressed his sadness. Diviara and his mother became close again, but one night she was murdered in her sleep one of each wing torn off and thrown to Amilara and his brother as a symbol and warning of the price of betrayal. (Or so it was made to appear...) Amilara's brother committed suicide the very next day. Amilara continued to live with his father for some years afterward, but when Giliara contacted them and Diviara partially disowned him, calling him his nephew instead of his brother, Amilara finally rebelled.[1]

Resisting the Calamity

At some point afterward he met Lanfiré Dupré, one of Falerin's Avatars. Lanfiré came to Amilara with the terms of an offer of protection and directed Amilara to meet Falerin outside of the Abode where the Truth Seekers were staying to negotiate, with Lanfire's life as collateral. Unfortunately Falerin did not show at the selected time, which would have voided the entire thing, but four of the Seekers were willing to offer their own lives as additional insurance in order to give Falerin more time.[2] Eventually arrangements were made, and Amilara was given shelter on Caelestia[3] in return for providing the Seekers with information, observations, and predictions.[4] However, he had to leave a couple of months later after Ryuusei discovered his location.[5] Before his departure, however, his father came to get him, giving Amilara the choice of going with him willingly or watching him kill the Seekers. Amilara seemed ready to give in when Mariel intervened, informing Diviara that Amilara was a naturalized Caelestian citizen and under the protection of the Farpoint and as such no extra planer power would be removing him by force. Amilara then left with Mariel.[6]

He returned briefly a few times, the second visit revealing that he had entered the service of the Light Lord[7] and the third revealing to him and the Seekers certain events of the War for the Creation Orb, namely the scene by Deep Lake, which told him that Diviara was not in fact responsible for his mother's death, and the scene of Giliara's death and Diviara's betrayal outside the Necromancer Fortress.[8] The next day he informed the Seekers that he was leaving Caelestia.[9]


He arrived on LORE some time later, and was seen by both sides on Battleonia during the war to gain Nightbane's cooperation, though Omega knew of his presence long before then. After the Nightbane war, Ryuusei ordered Agent Smith to bring Amilara to him. Fortunately, Diviara had been eavesdropping on the conversation and promptly informed Darin and Falerin. Falerin sent Darin to find Amilara first and arranged for Shirian to take charge of K'eld Ner while Darin was away. Darin looked for the player in Battleon but, failing to find them, left Galanoth with a summary of what was going on for them, then continued his search for Amilara, whom he did find. Amilara asked if his father had sent Darin to order him back to Caelestia, where Diviara had told him to remain, and Darin told him of the situation with Ryuusei. Amilara asked Cagliari, an undead he had been conversing with just prior to Darin's arrival, for a distraction. The player then entered and, seeing the undead, asked if Amilara needed their help, but Amilara informed them that the undead were his friends and were just leaving. After the player told Darin that Shirian had taken his place, Darin said that he had an encampment of several Battleonian Drakel Casters to the south setting up a portal back to Deren. The player suggested the Cor-Dem stone, but Darin dismissed the idea, saying that it was too far away and he wanted to take Amilara to Ner instead of the Temple anyway. Cagliari broke up the argument by arriving back with the news that Smith and a large force were approaching from the south, and the general consensus was to run for it. After fighting their way through some Network creatures to the encampment, the party found Falerin and a Drakel who looked a lot like Minister Bree-ha waiting for them. The Drakel was actually Bree-ha's cousin, Yeeuh-ha, and Bree-ha had been freed by Divisionists, had reached Deren, and intended to get to the Brilhado gate. Falerin asked the player to go back to Battleon and inform everyone they could of these events while he got Darin and Amilara back to Deren.

Amilara's hidden fiery depths came out when he confronted Ryuusei himself during the attack on the Temple of Hope. Ignoring both his father's pleas to leave the matter to him and Ryuusei's cool responses, he ranted about the atrocities Cartwright had committed against him, from ordering his mother killed to allowing him to place the blame for the event on his father for so many years to hunting down and killing large numbers of his friends. Having blown off all the steam he could with words, Amilara leaped at Ryuusei and landed a couple of good punches. Ryuusei tried to throw the Brilhado off him with the Cold, but Amilara deflected it easily, revealing that he had inherited his father's prowess. He then cast a spell that evidently hurt a lot and reversed the lingering effects of Ryuusei's use of the Cold on the player a few minutes prior. Unfortunately Ryuusei chose then to officially offer to become the vessel for his lord's manifestation, which promptly occurred. Horrified at the results of his actions, Amilara fled the scene, pursued by his father.



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