Anxiety Eater
Level: 20
Power Level: 28
Location: Quest for the Terror Set
Price: 42
Sellback: 28
Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 6-17
BTH: +-2
This mighty blade has the ability to consume your enemy's Fear and heal you! Click the blade to change it between Melee and Magic, and click the hilt to activate the Fear Consumption power on the special!


If the second hit of the special connects, if you are eating fear(activated by clicking the handle), and if the monster is Afraid, then you heal HP equal to the damage dealt on the second hit *0.85[%chance of not acting]*[remaining duration]*1.1/0.75. Afraid status then ends. You can switch between Melee and Magic by clicking on the blade. While in Magic mode, it deals 90% Random damage.

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