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We do this. We're good at shedding blood."
"And we kill stuff, too! Whee!
—Wallo and Shii

Assassin Class is a Class quest to become an Assassin, available through the Travel Map.

The trainers are Shii and Wallo, and it is only accessible when the prerequisites (Level 10 Ninja, Level 5 Scholar and a Character Level 70) are met.


Prerequisites not met

Wallo: Assassins? Nope, no assassins here. I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. Besides, you wouldn't know the first thing about being an Assassin.
Wallo: ...If there were any around here. Everybody knows you need to be a Level 10 Ninja and Level 5 Scholar before you have the necessary skills to become an Assassin.
Wallo: Then you need to be Level 70 -- being an Assassin isn't easy! ...Or so they say.
Shii: Buuuut... Well, you're kinda cute. So if you go get some training and come back later, we may know some people who know some people who know something about what you're looking for.

You return to Battleon.

Prerequisites met



A rough-and-tumble town, filled with all manner of violent and unsavory villains. Every street is a dark alley, every knife is sharp, and every cloak hood shades a face that eyes your coin purse or your heart. The wharf is filled with men who will tell no tales, and the pig farms are never without feed.

The guards -- the few that haven't been bought -- struggle to maintain order against the teeming hordes of thieves, cutthroats, bandits, brigands, bounty hunters, murderers, rustlers, thugs, crooks, scammers, conmen, robbers, muggers, vipers, snipers, face men, second-story men, scoundrels, cheats, miscreants, pickpockets, ((deep breath)) and mischief-makers.

Somewhere deep in the bowels of this wretched hive is an unassuming office. Within this office -- or so you hear -- are the reins of a secret organization that can, you hope, teach you to join the ranks of the pinnacle of this social food chain. You are looking to become...


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Assassin Class

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You receive a Full Heal.


Shii: Heeheehee... The life of an Assassin is soooo fun!


  • Class Quest!
  • What is an Assassin?
Wallo: An assassin is far from a mere hired killer. We are the excellence in execution. An assassin must be capable of determining the best strategy to strike a fatal blow--
Wallo: -- then making a clean break from the scene. We do this. We're good at shedding blood.
Shii: And we kill stuff, too! Whee!
  • Assassin Shop
Wallo: All the items we offer are completely free. All we 'ask' for is a small donation to the guild. You know, to cover administrative costs and the like.
  • "Donate" - (Opens the Assassin shop. See below.)
Shii: Hee hee... Thank you for your generous contributions!
  • Back to Town - (Returns you to Battleon)
  • Restore Assassin Class
Wallo: I dub thee... Assassin! Now go kill something and get paid for it!

Assassin Shop



Whispering Raiment


Wily Assassin Shield
Furtive Assassin Shield
Cryptic Assassin Shield
Enigmatic Assassin Shield


  • From quest two onwards, there are chances to defy rolls, using SP. The amount of SP required is as follows:

Ceiling(NewValue * 0.3), point by point, where NewValue is the next point above what one rolled.

Example: If one rolls 94 and 95 is needed, the cost is Ceiling(95 * 0.3), whereas if 90 is rolled and 95 is needed, the cost is Ceiling(91 *0.3) + Ceiling(92 *0.3) + Ceiling(93 *0.3) + Ceiling(94 *0.3) + Ceiling(95 *0.3).

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