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Atlas Maxwell
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The Order, Unity
Appears in: Carnax Saga
Location: Unknown
Now THAT was some fine BOT-KICKIN'!!!
—Morgan Arimoz

Atlas Maxwell is a time traveller originally from 1,000 years in the future of Lore, a member of the royal line of the Kingdom of Stonerule and a former Avatar of both Truth and Lies.

He is also the founder and leader of The Order, to which most of his family is affiliated, including his wife Sasha, and two daughters, Emma (with Sasha) and Anna Shadowgale Darkstone, by adoption; and Jess, his half-sister. Through her, Maxwell is Hollow Stoneforge's brother-in-law and Daniel's uncle. The Aether Dragon that is usually wrapped over his arm is called Ayame.

Maxwell is one of the Seekers' most reliable sources.

Appearance and Personality

In his youth, Maxwell had unruly, violet hair and dark blue eyes. He was seen wearing a black leather bomber jacket with a fur trim collar and a dark blue shirt, black trousers with a interconnecting belt, and black shoes. He is also seen holding a pair of blue-coloured shades on his hand.

After his numerous travels, he has aged greatly, now sporting graying temples and long beard. His right eye, now called the Eye of Truth, shines with a red light with a scar over it. He now wears a cape.

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Early life

Born to Project N1 Morgana Twain and Benjamin Black in Terra, Atlas was the result of their secret marriage. Through Morgana, he is a grandson to Matthew Twain and a nephew to Robert. Two years after Atlas was born, Benjamin was murdered by "the man in the green robe" and Morgana moved to her father's home to take care of their child. Matthew would consider Atlas a project of his, and Maxwell would later come to regard him as a father of sorts.[1]

At the age of seven, Atlas was taken from Morgana by an adult Daniel Stoneforge, an event that would haunt his dreams afterwards. At this point, his memory was erased and he was given a false life at the hands of N.O.V.A.[1], being inserted into the royal line of Stonerule 1,000 years in Lore's future. He gained a half-sister in Jessica and led a relatively peaceful life, unaware of his real origins and parents.

By his adoption, he was heir apparent to the throne, next in line to become the kingdom's ruler. However, he spent most of his days in Hollow Stoneforge's garage working on the Stonerule Military Assault Mecha, never seeming to care much for being royalty (Mt. Thrall).

Founder of The Order

The Order is a team that was formed when our home was attacked by Makkisar’s army. Carnax destroyed our city and we fled underground. We continued the fight from a hidden base known as The Hatch. With the help of adventurers from another time, we managed to defeat Makkisar and his army...
—Atlas Maxwell, reminiscing about his past, Mt. Thrall

A young Maxwell.

Atlas Maxwell, alongside Morgan Arimoz, meet the Chosen who has jumped into recurrent time portals appearing on Battleon after Carnax's defeat the hands of Riona Shadowgale. As they witness how Hollow's drones are destroyed by the Chosen, Maxwell agrees to help find a portal to Battleon from 1,000 in the past in exchange of capturing a last robot that got away from them. Once they finish, Maxwell keeps his word and helps the Chosen to return home, not before revealing his suspicions of someone meddling with time through magic. (Enter the Portal)

He met Sasha, his future wife, during this time (Mt. Thrall). A year later, however, her father Makkisar would reveal himself alongside his army to lay waste to the whole world (Fight for the Future!), the city of Stonerule was besieged by his Hordes and Maxwell would found the Order. As Carnax destroyed the city, they fled underground and continued the to fight from The Hatch (Mt. Thrall).

Sometime later, he met Anna, who was brought to the Hatch by Jess and Hollow (Fight for the Future!). Maxwell regarded her as a daughter, and would subsequently adopt her after the Carnax ordeal (Mostly Harmful).

Determined to stop Makkisar's impending threat, Maxwell travels to the past alongside Jess, Hollow and Morgan in order to assist in the war against the Spawn of Carnax. In Stonerule, the prince then requests the Chosen and his allies' help, knowing that they might know some of Carnax's weaknesses. As the Chosen agrees, they travel back into the future. (Spawn of Carnax)

Once Carnax is laid to rest thanks to Anna, Makkisar continues to attack with his hordes until he is at last driven to Calidon Building, where Maxwell and Chosen confront him. When Makkisar uses the sorceror's formula on himself, Atlas assists the Chosen by using the Assault Mecha and together, they finally defeat Makkisar—who is then imprisoned in stone—and the Chosen returns to his own time. (The Last Stand)

The lone time traveller

Saying sorry won't help you Atlas, there are some things you can't fix.
—Sasha Maxwell[1]

Eventually, Maxwell learned that Makkisar had been used by The'Galin's Network and that they were behind the attacks (Mt. Thrall). Vowing to know more about them, he abandoned his family and friends and began time travelling on his own, visiting numerous realms while causing many problems in different timelines.

During his travels, he met and fell in love with Kaliope. However, he was unaware that she was the Avatar of the Annunaki Truth, who was partially passed onto him. Truth tore itself in two the day he and Kaliope met, with only a small shard of it entering Maxwell's body.[1] Presumably, after this point, he also became the Avatar of Lies.[2] Together, they had a child, Rosa, unaware of the consequences. Both Kaliope and Maxwell became Forsaken. However, unlike Kaliope, Maxwell would not die, having become immortal even though his soul had been devoured by Truth.[1]

At some point, he gained the Eye of Truth as well and learns that Makkisar is possible future incarnation of him. He also had another daughter in form of Tasha, with an analogue of Sasha.

Afterwards, he reached Chicago, in Terra, and met the adult Daniel Stoneforge once again. Daniel would lead him into the N.O.V.A. building, where he would meet his family, including Matthew Twain and his step-son. There, Maxwell accepted to work for the company[2] and learned of his status as the heir to Twain's organization, which shocked Ryuusei, but Maxwell was not interested. Though he wished to get away and return see Sasha, he remained behind after the Prophet's contact, terrified of returning to The Order and yet, determined to get more information.[1]

It was then that he met Lilly, with whom he would get married shortly afterwards. Together, they had a son. At the same time, Matthew grew very sick and Ryuusei treated him (and Maxwell's family) poorly out of spite.[1] Four years later, he returned to The Order in the future, since N.O.V.A. had become "a corrupt war machine", his family was dead and Ryuusei had taken his work and torn it to shreds. He pledged to take revenge of Cartwright for his crimes, presumably being the one responsible for Lilly's death.[1]

Although terrified and ashamed of returning to the family and friends he had abandoned, he had no other choice than to return to The Falcon, where he was surprised to see Emma—the daughter he had never met—welcoming him with open arms.[1]

Return to Lore

So we meet again I see...
—Atlas Maxwell, when meeting the Chosen again for the first time in years, Mt. Thrall

After some time, the Network pursued them and critically damaged the Falcon, forcing The Order to make an emergency landing on Mount Thrall, in Lore. He, along with his wife and daughter, set up a camp near their escape pod, and was informed of the four casualties the team had suffered by A9M9[1]. (Mt. Thrall)

The next night, Maxwell finds a small Kor-Dem, who is named Viktor by Emma. One day, after two weeks had passed, Viktor escapes and Maxwell leaves Sasha and Emma in order to find Viktor, but instead finds a strange, whispering reptilian creature, wearing a gas mask and floating above the grass.[1]

In the following months, Maxwell, along with The Order, assists the side of Unity on Lore.

After Ryuusei Cartwright's defeat at the hands of Unity and his destruction at the hands of Beleqwaya Melamin, Agent Smith tries to coerce the time traveller into using the Order's technology to rescue the Vesperian General from The Void, threating to use the Cold on his family. However, Maxwell throws Ayame away and opens a portal to Void, trapping them both on the Void, seemingly forever. (The Final Battle!)

Dark rebirth

You cannot trust the Epsilon, Atlas, he seeks to destroy the entire universe."
"An effort for which he will have my help. We shall kill the Avatar. Then we rebuild Lore in our image. Now, traitors... Stand and fight, or die like the treacherous scum you are. Vengeance is MINE.
Ryuusei Cartwright and Maxwell, Mostly Harmful

In the depth of the Void's nothingness, Maxwell rests until Seth Cay Dhows who claimed that the very fabric of his being had been unraveled by changing time, and everyone on Lore forgot about him. Even worse, all of his allies actually work with Cartwright and his analogue and did nothing to get him back. The shadow offers him a way to return, vengeance, truth and lies, and Maxwell accepts.

Oncehe becomes fully corporeal, Dhows helps him return to Mount Thrall where he confronts Scakk, Anna, Hollow, the Chosen and both Ryuuseis. After he battles the Chosen, Dhows reveals his presence and reveals that he intends to collapse the boundaries of the elements by killing the Avatar, and Maxwell will assist him in doing so so he can become un-"Forsaken" by forcing all of the pieces of the Annunaki to recombine into one. (Mostly Harmful)

Later, while in the Deep Limbo, Dhows uses the Flecks to baptize Maxwell, so he can be reborn of uncreation and grows black wings. (Star Blecch 2) Much like Ardendor gained an army of collapsed elemental creatures, Atlas begins to gain followers among the servants of the Network and agrees to wage war against the Elemental Lords on Dhows's behalf. The Chosen confronts him, but he refuses to listen to pleas once more, still determined to accomplish his dark goals.

However, when Dhows reveals his deception in front of Maxwell, he breaks his alliance with the shadow, who tells Ardendor to deal with Atlas before he disrupts his plans. However, the Lords of Light and Darkness manifest and Falerin reveals to have been posing as Ardendor to trick Dhows. In disadvantage, Maxwell flies away, leaving the shadow alone. (Dhows' True Form Revealed)

In Battle

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Powers and Abilities

The Eye of Truth is a "manifestation of his power", and lets him see "beyond that of normal sight"; in battle, he can use to beam reddish white light from it and deal Fire elemental damage. As a Forsaken, he's resistent to Uncreation. He uses a big sword as his weapon of choice.

He has been reborn through the Flecks, gaining black wings that allow him to fly. He is also able to conjure an Earth spell that materializes spears of glittering dark matter that pierce his enemies.

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  • His analog is Max, who is the king of an alternate Stonerule.
  • Maxwell is the only known being known to have served as host for two Avatar and still survived being Forsaken.[2]