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This article contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters into a Guardian or X-Guardian.

Attack on the Drakel Domed City
Isle d'Oriens » Falerin's room » Click on the Time Scroll (extreme left)
Battles between heals
Carnax Saga
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Drakel Attack The Undead at the Monolith
Our Drakel seers have said a "prophet" of some kind will appear in Stonerule, so there is more to come... perhaps something dangerous lies in wait. Either way, the best thing for you to do is to keep watch on the Stonerule monolith.

Attack on the Drakel Domed City is the second quest in the Carnax Saga and one of two still available to play. It can only be accessed by Guardians.


We have trailed the Drakel war party who raided Stonerule and seemingly activated a strange clock, counting down to a possibly dangerous event. Time for us to get some answers.

Attack on the Drakel Domed City!
The Drakel hid inside massive domed cities long ago to escape a great destructive force. Now some Drakel have left their cities to search for something that could help them stop the old enemy if it returns! A Drakel war party activated a strange “clock” in Stonerule. We need to find out just what it means...

  • To Battle!
  • Shoot Drakels
  • Leave

"Artix Krieger has come with us on this mission. Be careful not to shoot him when you aim at those Drakel."
"The Drakels' domed cities are normally hidden in mountain ranges. This one, for some reason, was not."
Treasure Chest - Guardians can get Artix as a guest from the treasure chest.
Drakel Enforcer - For each Drakel Enforcer shot, you gain a +0.1% BTH boost.

Twilly: We tracked the wily Drakel back to their domed city! We need you to help fight and get to their leader!
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.

  • Heal me please
Twilly: There we goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you
  • Let me handle this.

  • To Battle!

After 1,000,000 Drakels were defeated...

Full Heal
Level 0-39: Drakel Guards (10), Commander Kragg
Level 40+: Drakel Guards (35), Soralag, Drakel/Dragon Hybrid (90)

Kragg: *huff huff* Thank the Creator! I managed to escape those meddling humans at last!
Kragg: Now I must regroup with my special Drakel War Council and figure out our next move!
Kragg: Gah!! It's one of the humans' ghastly pets!!

Truffle flies in.

Truffle: Mep! meeep!
Kragg: Please!! Spare me!

Valencia and Galanoth walk in.

Valencia: Truffle, come over here before this ugly guy's bad breath makes you faint!
Truffle: Mep? meeeeeeeeeee...!
Kragg: Gahhh! I am trapped! I beg you, please spare my worthless existence!! I promise to never again lay waste to one of your hairless-ape villages!
Kragg: Really, I do!
Galanoth: Suuurrre. I only believe you when you don't say anything, Kragg.
Valencia: You have some questions to answer!
Kragg: Okay, anything! Except for top-secret secrets.
Valencia: I don't think so. Here's how this is going to work: we ask, you answer. You don't answer, you get thrown into the Pit without that big flamethrower on your arm.
Kragg: Um.... can I have a day to think about it?
Galanoth: I suppose so... you can spend it in the Pit.
Kragg: Nevermind. You were saying--?
Valencia: Question one: why did you raid Stonerule in the first place?
Kragg: My special Drakel War Council thought we might find a valuable clue to our past there, since Stonerule is so ancient.
Galanoth: You can't fool us... we know that your past is no history to your kind: it is the rest of us that you keep it hidden from!
Kragg: bah-- you are right. But it is for the better. Some things are better left shrouded in mystery.
Valencia: Okay then, tell us why you had all those Azru Stones with you? And just what is that giant clock-like structure that blew up out of the ground??
Kragg: Our magiscientists discovered the Azru Stones a few cycles ago. They have a mystical property that we don't quite understand fully. But then--
Kragg: --Their magnetic poles were found to point to Stonerule. Something there must have a deep geologic link to the Stones. But we found nothing when we ransacked the place.
Galanoth: Ah yes... that was very nice of you to do, Kragg.
Kragg: There is no place for diplomacy when it comes to protecting our species! My faction of Drakel society believes in doing whatever is needed to preserve our future.
Valencia: Okay. So then what is that clock-like monolith that appeared out of the ground??
Kragg: We have no idea. My best guess is that the Azru Stones somehow caused it to appear.
Kragg: Our Drakel seers have said a "prophet" of some kind will appear in Stonerule, so there is more to come...
Kragg: ...perhaps something dangerous lies in wait. Either way, the best thing for you to do is to keep watch on the Stonerule monolith.
Kragg: .........
Kragg: Can I leave now?
Valencia: I don't know. Galanoth, what do you think?

«Scene: The Pit.»

Kragg: ........mommy?........

We have gotten a few answers, but are left with even more questions. Make sure you get an Azru Stone from Yulgar's shop, and the Drakel Flamethrower weapon, then keep watch on the strange monolith in Stonrule and await the arrival of this "Prophet"!
COMING NEXT... Dark Tidings.



  • This war was released on July 21st, 2005.

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