Auspicious Bladehenge
Level: 75
Power Level: 75
Location: Blarney Surprise! / Blarney War 2009 / Blarney War 2010 / Blarney War 2011: Dragonchaun / Blarney War 2012
Price: 8,802 gold
Sellback: 4,401 gold
Element: Wind
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 7-25
BTH: +9
You'd think a Green Weapon would be Earth. This Mean Green weapon reverses all expectations being a Wind weapon, that triggers on Drakel and Leprechauns and has a rare special that heals you instead of harming your enemy.
Damage: 54-146 plus 540%
Attack Type: magic
BTH: +0
Hits: 1
Rate: 6%
Element: Heal


  • Trigger: Monster category "Drakel"

Effect: Monsters receive -7.5% BTH

  • Trigger: Monster category "Leprechaun"

Effect: Normal player attacks deal 115% Base, Random, and Stat damage. Stat Bonus to BTH is unaffected.

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