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Beastmaster Class
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The heart and mind of the beast has always been within us...

Beastmaster Class is a Class quest to become a Beastmaster, which is available through the Travel Map.

Its trainer is Vephoma, and it is only accessible when the prerequisites (Level 5 Rogue, Level 5 Fighter) are met.


Vephoma: You need to be a Level 5 Rogue and a Level 5 Fighter to train as a BeastMaster. In Battleon you can find Blackhawke and Robina Hood in Yulgar's Inn to train in those classes.

Welcome to the Dark Lands...
Home of wild creatures...
Home to the Tyrant King...
Home to a
Beast Master
known only as Vephoma...


Vephoma: I am Vephoma, Beastmaster of the DarkLands! I have found my peace amidst the creatures and jungles of this place. If you want to know the ways of the wild, first get your Feral Garb in my shop.

  • Quest!
  • What is a BeastMaster?
Vephoma: Before me, there were no BeastMasters. I began as a Rogue and Fighter, and learned that civilization holds no answers for me. Wars among people always end badly.
Vephoma: I retreated at a young age into the wilderness. The forests and jungles of Lore became my new home. And the animals who lived there, my new family.
Vephoma: But I, being a man, was not understood by the beasts; and in turn I realized that I did not truly understand them. I studied for years to learn the hearts and minds of the animal world.
Vephoma: The creatures I came to know and would often protect me, and I would protect them. We live connected at all times, and all people should one day come to see this truth.
Vephoma: But often beasts must be protected from themselves as well, and so I must use my abilities to both battle and help them. The heart and mind of the beast has always been within us...
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  • Vephoma's Shop - (Opens Vephoma's shop. See below.)
  • Back to Town - (Returns you to Battleon)

Vephoma is the Beastmaster of the Dark Lands.
The Bondo tree is home to over 230 species of animal life.
Havashi is a broad-leafed plant that can cure blindness and hair loss.
Danzu vine stores up to a gallon of water in only 6 feet of length.
Malogu grass is so sharp that only tiny animals, or large animals with armored skin, can live in it.
The Kerda Cliffs were formed when the geomancer Kerda lost her temper.


Level 1

Vephoma: You have the makings of a BeastMaster. If you want to learn the ways of the wild, you will need to survive a challenge!
Vephoma: A young wizard named Wandy is trying to overthrow the Tyrant King of the DarkLand. He found out, and sent a hit squad after her. Save Wandy and I'll teach you the Beast Claw ability!

  • Begin BeastMaster training!
  • Back

Tyrant's Rage
The BeastMaster Vephoma needs you to go on a mission to save a young wizard named Wandy who is trying to find a way to save the DarkLands from the Tyrant King! The Tyrant has a stranglehold over all the villages of the Darklands, but the beasts still have free will. Wandy is trying to form an army of animals and monsters to overthrow the Tyrant King. But he discovered her plan and now the poor girl is on the run. You must defeat all of the monsters sent after her and bring her back to Vephoma. In return, Vephoma agrees to train you as a BeastMaster. Good luck!

  • Quest!

Find Wandy!
Wandy is hiding in the jungle, and the last of the Tyrant's monsters is tracking her down. Can you use your instincts to find her first and save her?
Difficulty: 30
Stat Used: Charisma

  • Roll!
«Failure requires two more battles before you can try the stat roll again

Vephoma: You found Wandy! I knew you could do it. Wandy is one of the few humans I have become friends with...
Wandy: Awww! That's so nice of you, Vephie. I really wish you would come out of this jungle to fight the Tyrant with us!
Vephoma: I wish I could, Wandy, but you know I cannot do that.
Wandy: Oh yeah... You have given up on the ways of civilization, and can't leave the wild because you don't want to have anything to do with civilization any more.
Vephoma: Well, there's that, and also the fact that I have been cursed by the Tyrant King. If I leave this jungle, I will become a soulless beast hungering for human blood.
Wandy: That's... pretty bad. If the Tyrant King dies, though, the curse will be broken! Wait-- if you teach our new friend here what you know, maybe WE can defeat the Tyrant King!
Vephoma: That is a great plan, Wandy! You will need to come back here after each stage of your quest so that I can teach «You» a new ability!
Wandy: That settles it! We'll save the Darklands from the Tyrant King AND rescue Vephoma while we're at it!

Exit Wandy.

Vephoma: You are now a BeastMaster! Use your knowledge wisely.

  • Back

Levels 2-10

If your current class isn't Beastmaster:

Vephoma: If you want to keep training to become a BeastMaster, I can restore your class now.

  • Become a BeastMaster
Vephoma: You are now a BeastMaster! Use your knowledge wisely.
  • Back
  • Back

If Level 5 and not a Guardian:

Vephoma: You must choose now: to be a Level 6 BeastMaster or higher, and learn Internal Beast, Beast Lore, Tame Beast Spirit and more, you must become a Guardian.

  • Back
  • Become a Guardian

Vephoma: Every time you come back to me, I will teach you a new ability. As a Level «» BeastMaster you have the power to continue!

  • Quest!
  • Turn down the quest...

Quest Accepted!
You will guide Wandy and help her find beasts that will join together and help defeat the Tyrant King! You are a Level «»_ Beastmaster. When you get your next beast ally, I will raise your class Level to [«»+1] you can rest up to three times.

Optional full heal after each battle, up to three times

Hold Beast
You are nearing a beast that Wandy can convince to fight the Tyrant King. Can you convince it to stay and not run away?

Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Difficulty 20 40 50 50 55 55 60 60 65

Stat Used: CHA

«If you fail, you have to repeat the whole level. Else
Class Level Up!
You have learned a new ability from Vephoma, and are now a more powerful BeastMaster than before!


Vephoma: You have succeeded! All the abilities of the BeastMaster are yours, and you have helped Wandy gather together the creatures to form an army.
Wandy: Yippee!! I used the magic and made the beasts smart enough to fight against the Tyrant King's mental control. Now they will break through the king's guards --
Vemphoma: -- which will allow YOU to face the Tyrant King! Defeat him and control over the DarkLands will be lost, and all of us -- including myself - will be free! Good luck!

Wandy gathers her beast army and assaults the Tyrant King's stronghold, while you sneak in...

«You»: Wandy and her creature army did it! The Tyrant King's guards are busy, and I was able to sneak into his lair.

Enter the Tyrant King.

«You»: Tyrant King!! I am here to ask you to release your hold on all the people and beasts of the Darklands!
Tyrant King: You must be an outsider, to come here and think you can challenge me! NONE may challenge me and live!
«You»: I think it's time someone freed the Darklands from your grip -- and that someone is me!

Level 0-34: Tyrant King (28)
Level 35-59: Tyrant King (54)
Level 60-84: Tyrant King (79)
Level 85-109: Tyrant King (105)
Level 110+: Tyrant King (130)

You return to Vephoma

Vephoma: You have overthrown the Tyrant King! The DarkLands are free once more, and so am I!
«You»: That's all well and good -- but now that everyone is free, you STILL need someone to lead the beasts and people of the Darklands!
Noxx: MMMM...our friend is correct. And I think I know JUST the right man for the job.
Wandy: Awww...WHY can't it be JUST THE RIGHT GIRL for the job??
Vephoma: I -- uh -- don't know if I am leader material, Noxx.
Wandy: *pfft* Let's face it, Vephie -- You know the DarkLands from every angle -- the people AND the creatures. You're PERFECT for it!
Vephoma: Then that settles that...if you want me as your leader, you shall have me! The DarkLands will be dark no longer!

Vephoma's Shop

Feral Garb


Beast Trainer's Whip (25/50/75)
Slithering Longbow (30/55/80)


Feral Garb
Primal Garb


Pet Whistle

Vephoma: Use your new gear often to be well trained as a BeastMaster!

  • Quest!

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