Big Trouble in Little Granemor
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You're back so soon! I suppose that shows you have a confidence in me to make a cure in so short a period of time... *wink*

Big Trouble in Little Granemor, also known as Epic Quest 5, is the fifth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 10.


Intending to find a cure for Sage Uldor, the Chosen goes to Lucretia's Apothecary in Granemor and gives her the poison sacs obtained from Sneaks. Waiting outside the apothecary, the Chosen battles a few monsters alongside E and is attacked by a giant Undead Ribber. Returning to Lucretia's, she has finished the potion and hads it over to the Chosen so that Uldor might be cured...


[This quest was revised with updated battle tiers in April 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]

Wise Sage Uldor has been stricken down in a poisonous attack. With Robina Hood's help you found the ingredients needed for a cure. Now you go to Granemor where Lucretia's Apothecary awaits...

You arrive in Granemor, and can only speak to Dewlok or enter Lucretia's Apothecary.

Dewlok: I heard you were coming. Lucretia is waiting in the second building on the left! Now I'm going to go eat something... I'm starving! It's hard work standing guard in the cold rain!

  • Okay!

Lucretia: Hello there, traveler. You look like you've been moving all night long. You should see if there's a room next door at Boog's place.
«You»: I wish I could! I was sent here by Robina Hood, from Battleon. I have brought 3 poison sacs from sneaks in Augerthorne.
Lucretia: Ah, I see. That can mean only one thing. You need a cure.
«You»: Yes. For Sage Uldor.
Lucretia: That blind old fool...he should know better than wandering about in Augerthorne. He should stay closer to town!
«You»: Well, it wasn't really his fault. He had a vision...and, well, I was part of it. I don't know what it all means yet, but—
Lucretia: Don't feel guilty. I am sure Uldor does not blame you, and neither do I. He should know better, though. Next time he should ask Blackhawke to escort him...
«You»: So do you actually know Uldor? You sound concerned...
Lucretia: My father tried for ages to cure his blindness. He never succeeded. Even though I told my father time and again that the Sage's blindness was magical in nature, and our natural cures might never work. Lucretia: Well, enough about the past. You need a poison cure. I'll need those poison sacs right now!

  • Give Lucretia the sacs!

Lucretia: Okay, now you'd better wait outside for a little while. Making a potion cure can be messy...

  • Okay!

Outside, Dewlok is missing.

«You»: Still raining! This is crazy. It never stops here in Granemor. Hm, I guess that Moglin is gone to take his break. Dewlok! Are you anywhere nearby?? I could use some company while I wait.

E enters.

E: Vampireslayer E has come to Granemor this night, to track down an evil blight! I ask you now whether you have seen a terrible creature, that stands quite tall and has undead features!
«You»: Actually, I see things like that all the time. But I haven't noticed anything in Granemor tonight...
E: Either way it seems that the two of us are in danger--I have been followed by a trio of vampiric rangers!

You get E the Vampire Slayer as a guest.

Vampire Warrior (5)
Full heal if you are Level 0-24
Vamp (10)
Full heal if you are Level 0-44
Vampire Warrior (20)
Full Heal

«You»: Thank you for helping me!
E: It has been a pleasure, but now I must be off---my search goes on!

E leaves. You lose E as a guest.

«You»: That E is quite a mysterious fellow. Either that, or he is a good actor. Hm, now what? Uh-oh—it sounds like something big is approaching—!

Giant Hungry Zombie (30)

During the battle, the zombie hits you a few times before being chomped on by something that looks like an enormous Undead Ribber.

«You»: Now THAT was just a bit disturbing...Uh oh, I wonder if that thing got Dewlok! Dewlok!! Where are you, little guy?!

You now search for Dewlok. He is found on top of Boog's Tavern.

Dewlok: Sorry about that, I fell asleep on the roof!
«You»: I'm just glad I found you. There was this HUGE monster, and it gobbled up this giant zombie in one bite, and--
Dewlok: --I WAS gobbled up by a monster, a while ago...I don't need to be reminded of the experience. Anyway, are you waiting for something?
«You»: Yes I am! I'd better get back into the apothecary shop and see if Lucretia has finished!

«Scene: Inside Lucretia's Apothecary.»

Lucretia: You're back so soon! I suppose that shows you have a confidence in me to make a cure in so short a period of time... *wink*. Did anything interesting happen while you waited?
«You»: depends on how you define "interesting." If by "interesting" you mean life-threatening, then yes, something interesting happened.
Lucretia: You adventuring types, always getting into something! Here is the cure for your friend Uldor. Good luck on your travels! I hope to see you in Granemor again.

  • Take the Cure

«You»: Thank you, Lucretia!

  • Go!


  • This quest was released on August 18, 2005, along with the quest The Prophet's Son.
  • This is one of several quests in the game that uses Granemor's old artwork.

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