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This article contains information about an item, quest, or monster that was introduced during a special event (e.g. holiday or war), and will not be available again until the event repeats, or possibly never again.
Level: 20
Power Level: 20
Location: Blarney War
Price: 55 Gold
Sellback: 27 Gold
Element: Wind
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 6-11
BTH: +3
You'd think a Green Weapon would be Earth. This Mean Green weapon reverses expectations being a wind weapon, that triggers on Drakel and Leprechauns and has a rare special that heals you instead of harming your enemy.
Damage: 136.00% Base and Random each
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +«Hits Player Automatically»
Hits: 2
Rate: 10%
Element: HP Heal


  • Against Leprechauns: It deals 110% damage.
  • Against Drakels: It does 97.5% damage and Drakel enemies take -6 BTH. (No BTH damage penalty i.e. *85/XX)
  • Against Anything Else: It deals 97.5% damage.



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