• AG999

    Rare Armor

    August 25, 2014 by AG999

    Cleric's Elation and Glooms cloak ( lvl 60 or above) are very rare armors, its really useful. You can find it in Alnaphar

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  • Masterofadventure


    February 5, 2014 by Masterofadventure

    tip 1 some armors very powerful use those to extra power

    tip 2 alnaphar is very cool go alnaphar to overlord twilight and acolyte set

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  • Nitaerean

    Vampire Slayer Slaying

    November 17, 2013 by Nitaerean

    (Recommended for Intermediate levels, 50+) I find the quickest, easiest way to make both XP and Gold is to head over to the Travel Map and hit Darkovia Forest, then the Cure. Don't worry, you won't actually be cured at all if you don't want to.You'll come upon three Evil Eyes. These things are reletively easy to kill. Just keep slamming them with whatever light weapons you have. Personally I just go ahead with Evil's Bane [Level 10 Pria Knight ability] straight off the bat. You'll then witness a short conversation which contains one of my all-time favourite Adventure Quest jokes, After which you'll be attacked by a poor little Undead Moglin Demo

    n, and if I might say so myself, is a little bit of a push-over considering it's level 58. Evil'…

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