Bulwark Seal VII
Level: 140
Power Level: 150
Price: 13,475 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 12,127 Z-Tokens the first 48 Hrs; 6,737 Z-Tokens after
Location: Z-Token Item Shop
Element: Wind
Activation: 0 Turn
Activation Cost: 64 SP
Upkeep: 64 SP
Effect: adds +10 Melee Defense.
  • -10% Wind Resistance.
  • +10 BTH increase. Magic weapon attacks and specials receive 4/3rds of the boost. Magic spells receive 50% of the boost.
  • If you have any 3 of the Omnioath Seals ( Bulwark, Deflecting, Reflective, or Binding) in your inventory (not storage), you can summon Omnioath. The level of the weapon will be equal to the lowest level misc of the three used to summon it.
This mystic seal boosts your Melee defence, Wind resistance and your accuracy while it is active. Click it with at least 3 of the Bulwark, Deflecting, Reflective or Binding Seals in your inventory to call forth the powerful Omnioath weapon!

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