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Putting us out of our misery or some such nonsense. Who are they to decide if we are miserable? What gives them the right to determine if we live or die?
Cagliari Lux
Race: Human, Undead
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity, Light
Appears in: Devourer Saga, Shadow Saga
Location: N/A

Amilara's friend and an undead scholar, he is a friendly undead . He appared in Strange Friends , as defending his friend. Cagliari has been revealed to actually be an acolyte in Luminova (now Darkovia) in the past, helping out Seth Cay Dhows around the church, not knowing the dark plans that Seth Cay had. He is the Communicant of the Light Lord, even after he was killed by Seth Cay through repeated striking after Lux realized Seth Cay's motives.


  1. Strange Friends
  2. Resistance is Feudal
  3. The Arden Door
  4. Wedding Skulls
  5. Division by Zero
  6. Possessed!
  7. The Journey Home!