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Race: Alpha
Gender: Unknown
Affiliation: Horde of Makkisar
Appears in: The Carnax Saga
Location: Unknown
—Carnax, The Last Stand

Carnax (meaning "Great Scourge" in the Taladosian language) is a gigantic interdimensional creature created by Makkisar and a group of corrupt wizards, and the destroyer of the island of Talados.

Danail Shadowgale, son of Riona Shadowgale the prophetess, managed to talk to the mighty beast. Carnax's weakness is the psycic connection with Danail and any mention of Danail could make him very emotional.

Appearance and Personality

Carnax appears as a massive, lizard-like being made with one golden arm and one made of ice. There is a stone patch on his back that has a building on it. In the AQ 10th Anniversary: Act 4 - Carnax Attacks!, his head (now revamped) looks fiercer.

Carnax has a laser eye power, which can obliterate the unprepared. He is also immune to powerful spells, so wizards had to chip at him with weak spells.


Carnax is the last survivor of the Alpha, who was turned into a monster by a secret guild of sorcerors, by the use of Cor-Dem remains. He was not the only one of his kind, though, as evidence that suggests the existence of other "Carnaxes" has been found by Thorne Lorin and Zephyros. (Taladosian Relics)

They planned to use him to conquer the southern lands of Battleonia. However, Carnax grew out of their control and destroyed the island of Talados and all of its people, except for a few survivors, such as Riona Shadowgale. (The Prophet Arrives)

In the aftermath of its destruction, not only did the island disappeared when in sank beneath the ocean[1] but Carnax with it as well.


Carnax, adrift and waiting in the Ethereal Realm,[1] was eventually awakened by the belief and fear of the Taladosian youth, Danail, instilled in him by the stories about the "Great Scourge". (The Propeht's Son)

His awakening is foreseen by the Drakel, who dispatch an elite force of Drakel warriors in search of something in the Stonerule Ruins. After a battle between them and Battleon's forces, the party is driven out of the ruins, leaving a large supply of Azru Stones behind. (Drakel Attack) Afterwards, the Stone Monolith explodes from the ground, a strange clock, counting down to a his coming, appeared. (Attack on the Drakel Domed City)

His presence in the Stonerule Ruins is felt by Warlic and it is said it exists in some kind of half-formed state there. (The Prophet Arrives)

His awakening was signaled by the

He broke up from the Stonerule Ruins and threatened to take out the rest of the world. It took a whole army of adventurers and Riona Shadowgale's sacrifice to defeat him, but the beast was finally put to rest.

Except he was revived, along with the Carnax spawn, by Makkisar . Only then, and thanks to Anna, he refused to lay any more destruction and split himself in the Hearts of Talados, never to be used again. (The Last Stand)


A bringer of destruction, he is ill-remembered and justly feared by Lorians (Taladosian Relics).

In Battle

Carnax is one of the characters with most monster variation and derivations.

Carnax can either be fought one-on-one (level 500) or fought seperateley (tentacles, arms (right and left), legs (right and left), shoulders (right and left), tail, back and head). The level 500 carnax can only be fought if the player uses the Rip in the sky location of Carnax.

Carnax makes a return appearance in the AdventureQuest 10th Anniversary quest. He is not fought one-on-one; rather, each individual limb is battled until the player reaches the redesigned Head of Carnax.


The hybrids that Carnax was turned into were: NaxTrooper, CarnBorg v1.0 CarnBorg v2.0, CarnZard, Aquanax, Micronax, Carnis, Right Hand, Left Hand and Ghost of Carnax.


Carnax Saga

  1. Carnax Rises
  2. The Last Stand!
  3. Carnax Rises (Time Scrolls)


  • Carnax has 2 locations (both are Guardian-only):
    • Rip in the sky > The library > Special passageway (the object just above the pool) > Go! > Click on the scroll on the table (left)
    • Guardian Tower > Teleporter > Battle Carnax!
  • Carnax is currently the strongest monster in AdventureQuest, only few have beaten him. However, due to experience and gold farming on the part of hackers, the current version of Carnax cannot be beaten. If he is reduced to 0hp, the Blue Scroll of Death will appear, and the game resets to the location you were in prior to fighting Carnax.


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