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Shadowgale has done what she intended. Her son is freed from his bond with Carnax, and the beast is weakened. And so there is only one thing left for us to do--
—Jackel Sano

Carnax Rises is the seventh quest of the Carnax Saga, but also the penultimate quest before the conclusion of the "Present" half of the saga.

Its third route location is: Travel Map » Sail East » Stonerule » Speak to Artix » To Stonerule! » Take a closer look... » The Carnax Saga Cut Scenes


Carnax is here

If accessed through the Stonerule route, or The Last Stand! cutscenes.

«You»: The monolith is glowing faster than ever... Something is going to happen soon, I can feel it!

«Scene: Mount Furrowald.»

Danail: He's coming now, Mommy!! I'm so sorry I ever talked to him, I'm so sorry--
Riona: It wasn't your fault, my dear. I should have-- I--- shhhhhh, my son, shhhhh...... He will not hurt you. I will not let him hurt you.
«You»: Uh-oh--- this is it!

The monolith explodes.

«You»: C--C---C---- Carnax???

1 BATTLE: Tentacles

«You»: Was-- was that it?? I can't believe it, I defeated Carnax!!
«You»: I did it!!! I am going to be the greatest hero in all of Lore!!


«You»: Ohhhhh... no... not again!


  • To War

Skip directly to MegaPrime's dialogue below.

Accessible ONLY by using the Time Scrolls in Falerin's room at Isle D'Oriens, 2nd to the left from where he stands.

Carnax was a powerful monster created by a sorcerer's cult They lost control of the beast and Carnax destroyed the island nation of Talados. And vanished into the sea with it.

  • To Battle!
  • Shoot Carnax!
  • Back to town

"Galanoth, head of the Dragonslayers, can absorb punishment from Carnax with his heavy armor."
"Vampireslayer E has put off his vampire slaying to help battle Carnax."
"The water elf Aquella fights to protect her coastal home."
"Robina Hood snipes at the beast from a distance."
"The paladin Artix Krieger fights Carnax's evil with his holy might!"
"Warlic is one of Lore's greatest wizards."
"Captain Rhubarb has given us many supplies for battle!"

Guardians can pick up the Carnax Blade from the Treasure Chest.
Potion Bag - Refill up to 5 potions from the bag.

Twilly: Oh no!! That big ugly-wugly is stomping around everywhere.! We need your help now!!
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.

  • Heal me please
Twlly: There we goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you
  • Let me handle this.

Robina: Welcome to the Stonerule battlefield, where we are fighting the gigantic and powerful monster Carnax!
Warlic: I have magically charged some arrows for you to shoot at Carnax from afar! They should be strong enough to pierce his evil hide. Just click on the targets when they light up.

You get to shoot arrows at Carnax.

Robina: Great shooting! Those arrows definitely let Carnax know we mean business!!
Warlic: If you hit more than 30 of your targets you will get a special reward! If you hit less than 30, you will get a lesser reward.

«If you hit more than 30

Level 0-25: Treasure Chest
Level 26-50: Big Treasure Chest
Level 51+: Huge Treasure Chest

«If you hit 30 or less

Level 0-25: Small Treasure Chest
Level 26-50: Treasure Chest
Level 51+: Big Treasure Chest

  • 1 on 1

You fight a full HP Carnax.

Who will you go to battle with?

  • With Artix!
  • With Galanoth!
  • With E!
  • With Aquella!
  • By yourself!

Now what parts of Carnax's massive body do you want to attack?
Choose LOW to fight his arms and legs, or choose HIGH and ride on the wizard Jackel Sano's ice platforms and fight Carnax's upper body.

  • Battle HIGH!
  • Battle LOW

Prophet vs. Carnax

At about 50% HP depletion, the following cutscene was released.

MegaPrime: Halt your thunderous movement and turn your fetid breath away from me, foul beast! NOW you shall feel the power of a level 110 warrior as I smite you into oblivion!!
Carnax squishes MegaPrime.
«You»: Ouch! I guess MegaPrime will need to go see Twilly. Once he makes his way back here from the other side of the planet, that is...
Jackel Sano: This battle is not going so well! More and more of us are dying, and for some reason Carnax has an innate ability to repel our most powerful spells!
Jackel Sano: Yet we are still able to chip away at him with less powerful attacks. If we do not defeat him soon, he will reach other towns and trample them into nothingness!
«You»: Riona Shadowgale- the Prophet! What are you doing here-- with your son??
Riona: My son needs to be here in order for my plan to work...
«You»: What plan?
Riona: You shall see. Wizard, I will need your help.
Jackel Sano: I will do as you ask, Prophet. But you should know that nothing we have thrown at the great beast so far has done more than scratch him.
Riona: Danail, please wait with one of these heroes. I must go now.
Danail: Yes Mommy... I'll wait for you!
Jackel Sano: Just what is it you had in mind, dear Shadowgale?
You: I'm with you, Blackhawke... time to take a little rest before jumping back into battle!
Blackhawke: Hehehe. Rest?? Watching a child is just about the farthest you can get from rest.
Riona: The blindfold is need to help me focus. You see, I have realized that there is a psychic link between my son and Carnax.
Riona puts a blindfold on.
Riona: This is the beast's greatest weakness. To sever the link, I must reach back, far back, into the very soul of my lost homeland.
Riona: I will use the special bond that exists between a mother and child as my anchor as I build this focus, then use it to RIP Carnax out of my son's soul!
Jackel Sano: ........
Jackel Sano: Very well. If nothing else, that is one thing we haven't tried against this brute yet.
«You»: It looks like this is it-- Riona is about to do whatever it is she's planning. Maybe the child shouldn't watch--
Danail: No, I want to see my Mommy!
Blackhawke: You heard the boy.
Riona: NOW, wizard!
Jackel creates an ice bridge and dodges a shot from Carnax.
Jackel Sano: Good luck, Prophet!
Riona: That wasn't very nice...
Riona: The power within the Azru Stones builds... the time to strike is now!
With the power of the Azru Stones. Riona charges at Carnax dodging shots and then attempts to counter a laser with her power. Carnax loses about 20% of his HP and Riona dies.
«You»: Oh no... Riona....
Jackel Sano: She has died. A side effect of her actions, it seems.
«You»: Many of us manage to cheat Death, but Riona was one of the souls that Death was looking to collect.
Danail: Where is my Mommy, Mr. Hawke?
Blackhawke: Sh-- she is, uh-- she had to go away for awhile. (I think I'm going to need a little help with this one...)
Jackel Sano: Shadowgale has done what she intended. Her son is freed from his bond with Carnax, and the beast is weakened. And so there is only one thing left for us to do--
Skip directly to Carnax is dead dialogue.

Once Carnax's 275,000,000 HP were depleted...

1 BATTLE: Carnax {Rare}

Carnax is dead!

Carnax collapses violently.

CARNAX: I've failed you, my Master...death has come, my nightmare ends.
CARNAX: I can rest, can't reach me now.
CARNAX: ........

Carnax's eyes close and he turns to stone.

The Great Scourge of Carnax is now defeated, and the beast's massive body has become entombed in a cocoon of rock. Stonerule can now be rebuilt.

A kind family of married villagers, unable to have children of their own, have volunteered to take young Danail into their home as their own.

Something tells you the story of Riona Shadowgale, the Prophet who helped save the world from Carnax is far from over...


Level 0-40 players fought weaker versions.



Carnax Eye (10) Carnax Eye (40) Carnax Eye (65) Carnax Eye (80)


Carnax Fighter


  • This quest was released on August 25th, 2005.

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