Magic comes in four varieties on LORE: Metamagic, Elemental Magic, Non-Elemental Magic, and Divine Magic.

Magic on Lore, however, isn’t always Lorian Magic. It can also originate from a different dimension, in which case it will appear as a local type of magic. Magic with “elemental” appearance (say, a “frost” element from another dimension) would align itself with the local elements (“frost” would probably become Ice). Magic with an incompatible appearance (from a world without a compatible elemental structure, like a “curtain” element) would align itself with Harm, which is merely energy without elemental alignment (distinguished from Void by the fact that “Void energy is more complicated, it’s the raw stuff from which all things spring, it’s both elementally aligned to all elements, hostile to all elements, and unassociated with elements,” as aforementioned). Particularly powerful magic from another dimension that doesn’t fit into the Lorian elemental structure will appear as non-elemental magic on Lore (in other words, Void).

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