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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Water Lord; Kingdom of Deren, Frogzard Knights
Appears in: None
Location: Advanced Knight Class Training - Frogzard Knights

Cerin is one of the Kingdom of Deren's most important Knights and a long-standing communicant of the Water Lord. He is also the trainer of the Advanced Frogzard Knight Class.

Appearance and Personality

Though young and slightly foppish, Cerin has a keen insight and is eager to defend his king, his nation and all that which he valued.

Though he had no qualms about using his skills as a communicant to sense the thoughts of others like him, he used them to reassure and counsel those he respected, rather than taking advantage of it.

Cerin appears with long black hair, pale skin, and green eyes.


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Cerin was born and raised in the continent of Deren. Very little is known about his early life, other than the fact that his uncle was King Draynor's vizier and that, in his early adulthood, he became a communicant of the Water Lord but also a Knight of Deren, which would later led him to question his own loyalties.

Agent in two fronts

As a knight of Deren, Cerin was selected to be part of Lord Delnar's company, which would disembark in Neld in order to repel the Vandarian army and assist their allies Upon the knights' arrival, Cerin telepathically overheard Delnar's worries about the impending fighting and sought to encourage him with news of Tralin's plans to join the battlefront as well as the Drakel's research into opposite-element combinations and benevolent necromancy. He also mentions that while Tralin has gone against his family, his strong generalist approach to magic is more consistent with wider Drakel society. When Delnar subsequently asks for more information about Tralin's ties to his own people, Cerin says that no one will tell him anything, but he trusts Tralin completely because Tralin once saved him from a pack of stone golems.

Some time later, he apported to Deren under the Water Lord's orders and overheard Jano's plans to reveal Darin's plot to Tralin. Upon catching up to Jano outside the School of Thought, he incapacitated the spy with a powerful ice spell and teleported back before Delnar could notice him missing. At some point he also met anonymously with Darin, to whom he lied and said that he had killed Jano.

In Neld, the battle against the Vandarians slogged on until an unholy music was heard one night; in the morning it was discovered that an entire enemy contingent had been brutally slaughtered and the rest of the Vandarian army had fled en masse. After three scouting patrols disappeared in a failed attempt to find out what had happened, Cerin left to seek answers on his own on the pretext of exploring the nearest village. He was able to discover, likely via the Water Lord's counsel, that an undead army was responsible for the massacre and returned in disguise to warn Delnar before the slain soldiers rose as undead themselves. After this, he made his way to Sentar and, while still in disguise, was encountered by Delnar in the communicants' chamber of the Water Lord's temple. He made Delnar aware of his latent communicant's abilities, though Delnar was not then inclined to make use of them, and informed him that, while the presence of a non-devotee in the chamber would normally result in harsh consequences, the penalty was being waived because of the damage the temple had already suffered and because Lore needed all the soldiers it could get for the war to come...


Cerin is fought in the Knight Class Level 9 quest

Powers and abilities

As a communicant, he is able to listen to his Lord and telepathically communicate with others like him.