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A Communicant is a priest who speaks directly with their deity.


Communicants can communicate telepathically not only with their deity but also with others who have the talent for communicancy (regardless of whether they have taken up service to a deity or not). While the listener hears the speaker's voice mentally (and evidently as coming from above as they consistently look upward while engaged in such conversation), responses are given aloud:

[13:26] * Diviara frowns
[13:26] * Diviara looks at the ceiling
[13:26] Diviara: "My lord"
[13:26] Diviara: "... I.. but why Ryuusei my lord he is...."
[13:26] Diviara: "...I am your General he is an upstart a...."
[13:27] Diviara: "...Your comamnd will be done my lord"[1]

They can also simply hear the thoughts of said others:

'Water must be pressing in all sides of me.' Delnar thought. 'Being so close to the ocean one cannot dig far without hitting water.'
"A most apt and accurate observation." A voice spoke from the darkness. It took Delnar a moment to both recognize the man who warned him of the undead menace and realize that the figure had perceived his thoughts without them ever being vocalized.
"A side affect of being where you are." The figure said his face still buried in his robes.
"And where exactly am I other then about twenty levels beneath the surface?"
"Closer to thirty, and in the inner sanctum of my patron, the Water Lord"
"This is some sort of specialized temple to the God of the Sea"
"One might say that. It is where 'communicants' come to speak to the water lord and discern his will"
"Those few that possess the innate ability to communicate with the deities can become communicants. That I can communicate with you via thought means you possess the gift. Have you considered service to the temple?"[2]

As the above quote states, communicants usually use secret rooms hidden deep within the appropriate temple, however they are not limited to such. Communicants are also capable of extremely powerful magic and in the temple hierarchy are second only to the gods themselves (though there are rankings among communicants).

Known Communicants

Note: While the talent for communicancy is not restricted to Lorians, no communicant to a non-Lorian deity has been shown.


Diviara Celegra- A Brilhado born to the Network, he was made The'Galin's communicant by Xilar at The'Galin's request.[3] Though he left the Network after Giliara's death and it has been hinted at that he may have taken up service to the Light Lord afterwards, this log indicates that The'Galin has not entirely released him.

Galrick- A human from Neld, he accepted service to The'Galin in a moment of anger at the Vandarians. He was almost immediately found by the Traveller, who told him just what he had done. He fought against the Network until he was killed by Ryuusei, at which point The'Galin relinquished him to Falerin.

Louis Zephyr- After he was driven from his world because of conflicts over Delphi, he "became aware of...corruption...that sought to tear apart all worlds". He heard whispers that the corruption was named The'Galin and so sought him out only to find a very different being. Sympathizing with The'Galin's mission against corruption he joined him.[4] He is one of the Network's more respectable members and one of the few to understand The'Galin's true purpose.

Ryuusei Cartwright- Almost a polar opposite to Zephyr and Diviara, Ryuusei says he sought out The'Galin to join him.[5] However given his personality and actions (like directly disobeying a ceasefire order given by Zephyr) one can assume that he sought the Devourer of Worlds, rather than The'Galin. His communicancy remained unknown until Diviara worked it out in the beginning of the Rise of Omega He was the first to demonstrate communicancy in-game.

Xilar- He always felt the desire for communicancy but was rejected by all temples until The'Galin came. He resisted the call initially but gave in after he was severely injured and those who had continually mocked him were not softened. He was The'Galin's first communicant (and indeed servant) and remains a highly respected individual within the Network.


Tralin- Lorithia's sole communicant, he came to her service during a near-death experience after consuming Metanoia, a potion that regenerates the drinker's magical ability at the expense of their life energy.[6]

The Elemental Lords


Cerin- Deren's Second Knight[6] and long-time communicant of the Water Lord.[7]

Darin- Another long-time communicant of the Water Lord despite his homeland's disdain of priesthood.[8]


Commader Paladin

Cagliari Lux

Giliara Celegra- First Brilhado communicant of the Light Lord since the Fall. After his flight to Deren, Tralin sent him to Neld with Darin to try to open the sealed temple of Light. Giliara was very apprehensive but was accepted.[6] He was killed during the fight for the Creation Orb but continues to serve his god in his afterlife.[9]

Diviara Celegra


Delnar- First Knight of Deren, he received a fatal wound battling against the undead in Stone Deep. The undeath was infectious but Tralin reanimated Delnar himself, allowing him to remain himself. He entered the temple of Darkness afterwards and kept the post he already had, against tradition which dictated that the First Knight could not be a priest except of the same deity as his lord. He acted as chief communicant of Stone Deep in Myr's absence.[6]

Myr- A thief before becoming a priest, he eventually rose to become chief communicant in Stone Deep.[6] He acted as a communicant of The'Galin after a plot by the Network resulted in him being infected with the Cold. However, it was just an act, as his fanatical devotion to his true lord allowed him to resist. He was also bonded to an Annunaki, but said creature was as eager to resist as he was and so helped him.[10]


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