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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: Devourer Saga
Location: K'eld Ner
Flee now if you know what's good for you Delnar, I recognize this conversation style. Last time it was employed on me, I ended up commanding the front line.
—Darin, All That Is Evil Is Not Dark Chapter X

Darin, son of Liam, is a Vandarian who arranged the conquest campaign of Neld and Deren due to religious beliefs as a communicant of the Water Lord.

However, due to unexpected events, he turned into a close servant of the Crown of Deren like Jano and became a loyal friend of King Tralin, who appointed him as Governor of K'eld Ner.

Appearance and Personality

Darin sports a pair of glasses. He possesses slick dark brown hair.

He was said to wear the colors of Deren when in battle.

Personality-wise, Darin was intelligent, cunning and ****. He could also be considered a visionary of sorts: he was marked by a keen foresight when it came to military operations, ideologies and social structures; a quality that would give him the reputation of being a remarkable militant and respectable governor. This, however, also made him susceptible to arrogance and “corruption”, which would led him to believe he could accomplish his “goals”.

In addition, he could be quite reckless (?) sometimes and was not afraid to speak his mind when he felt sure about something.

Despite his shortcomings, Darin was capable of great loyalty, though sometimes even to the point of fanaticism as seen during his time as a fervient servant of the Water Lord, a devotion that eventually became zeal.


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Little is know about Darin's past before the events of War of the Words, except that, at some point during his early adulthood, he met Jano, who became a good friend of his, before rising to power inside the Vandarian army and the nation's politics.

At some point, he became a communicant of the Water Lord as well, but kept his servitude a secret due to Vandar's anti-religious ideologies. His devotion, however, at some point became zeal and he began resenting Tralin because he had turned on his family's tradition and had rejected subservience to the Water Lord.

Vandarian mastermind

Eventually, Darin used his political influence to arrange a military campaign against Neld and, more importantly, Deren, where Draynor and Tralin—the object of his resentment—lived. Having joined appointed commander Feldar's company, Darin acted as his second-at-command.

Darin was present when Sentar fell[1] and when the Derenian forces disembarked on Neld's coastline...

When he discovered that the citizens Sentar are mysteriously killed, he ran to his Water Temple where he served as the Water Lord's Communicant. It was there that he learn that he was a scapegoat. Fleeing to Deren, he sought audience with Draynor to whom he offered vital information on the Vandarian Army. It was also there that he discover that his agent, Jano, is still alive.

Return to Sentar

To ensure his credibility, Tralin brought Darin with him and wanted the latter to bring him to the hidden port in Neld to investigate the on goings and to check on Delnar and his Frogzard Knights. Upon arrival, they found out that Delnar had ordered the burning of Sentar to keep the undead at bay. Much to Tralin's surprised, Darin volunteered to accompany Tralin to the Temple ruins where Delnar was fighting the undead army. When a burning pillar fell onto him, Tralin managed to create a barrier which shielded the former spy from serious injury. While Tralin was treating Delnar's injury, Darin managed to command the Frogzard Knights with great efficiency.

Loyalties to the Crown of Deren

Back in Deren, Darin announced that he had resigned from the Water Lord's service and since his home and temple was destroyed, he was forced to remain in Draynor's court.

Serving as Deren's Military General Commander, he led the Deren army to Stone Deep in Vandar to help the people combat the Brilhado and their undead. He learn of the Uncreator from Tralin who had explain the Brilhado's presence. At Draynor's death, Darin was commanded by the dying king to show Tralin how to be more direct while Tralin taught him court manners. When Delnar, was resurrected as a Death Knight, approaches Draynor with Myr, Darin had mistaken him for a servant of the Brilhado- something which was solved when he saw the death knight crying at Draynor's death. Darin also witnessed Tralin's wrath for the first time, blasting at the undead after drinking the poisonous Metanoia.

Upon his return to Deren with Tralin, he was asked to be the prince's witness in his coronation. When Tralin was debating the Drakels' offer to share land in K'eld Ner, Darin boldly suggested that they do so on the grounds that they had driven away the Brilhado before.

Encounter with Giliara

Darin went to investigate a report on a fallen Brilhado outside the city's gate and found an angry crowd surrounding the Bilhado. After managing to rescue the Brilhado, Darin took him to Tralin's castle to receive treatment (much to the public's dislike). It was then that Tralin and Darin had a lengthy conversation on the debate of letting Giliara stay and finally, decided to enlist the Brilhado into the army.

Following Tralin's plan, Darin and Giliara return to Neld to open the Light Temple which he believes that something of great value lies within the locked doors. When Giliara disappears after a bright flash of light, he believed that the Light Lord had destroyed the Bilhado and decided to leave. While at the Temple's complex, he decided to venture into the Water Temple ruins. It was then that the Water Lord communicate with Darin again, much to his surprise as he had renounced his faith, telling him to return to the Light Temple.

Returning to the Temple, another explosion of light signaled the opening of the Temple's doors where a lady was waiting for Darin. She led him into the Communicant's Chambers where Giliara was, only to be told the Temple's empty...

Lord Governor of K'eld Ner

It wasn't long after the attack on Tralin that the drakel had claim K'eld Ner as Deren's land. Upon Tralin's return, he immediately appointed Darin as K'eld Ner's Lord Governor and teleported him directly to the K'eld. Darin arrived in a "hovel" and was greeted by Kithia, Tralin's wife. He was then given a tour of the K'eld by the Queen in the Sky Cart and was shown his estate before being rushed to meet Jano. During his briefing with Kithia and Jano, they had a long discussion about the implications of allowing the De'me'thar into the K'eld. Darin began his journey as Lord Governor in the civil court. Darin planned a party for Kithia in his estate and to his dismay, was marred by fights between a De'me'thar and some Kuratha'ri. When he was about to leave, one of his guards informed him of the T'palo from Alorin arriving and seeking audience with him.

T'Palo from Alorin

To his surprise, Nel was there with Sigarin. Sigarin warned of the danger to Tralin's life and that they had found evidences for The'Galin's plan. The T'palo produced an amulet belonging to Myr which was found deep in the Shadows Mine, the allege hiding place for Drakath. Just then, they were interrupted by the news that the De'me'thar had taken the armory. With Kithia's suggestions, they decided to persuade the De'me'thar when Tralin and Giliara arrived. they held council and they learned of the Uncreator's plan to manifest and more over, to manifest in Tralin. Darin, together with Xander and Sigain, were ordered to resuce Myr before it's too late.

When the trio were prepared, they stepped thorugh a portal created from water. On the other side, Darin learned of the multiverse from the T'palo. Finally arriving at the other world, they discovered a decaying land where The'galin had won. The Traveller greeted them and thou they were initially suspicious of him, they listened to him. Before they could escape, a Brilhado necromancer approached them. He began to use words to entice Darin which the Governor almost fell for it if not for Xander. They escaped through the portal but not before Sigarin was infected. The Traveller ordered them to kill Sigarin immediately and Xander did it before Sigarin was fully transformed. Darin turned to discover that The Traveller was gone. Left with no choice, (Sigarin was the portal creator), Darin and Xander began a long journey to StoneDeep then Deren.

Attack on K'eld Ner

Arriving at Deren two weeks later, Darin sought King Tralin only to learn that he had gone to K'eld Ner. Distressed, he told Giliara that the Brilhado knew of K'eld Ner's location and thus, his message must be relayed to Tralin at once. Left with no choice, Giliara carried Darin and flew to K'eld Ner. The Necromancer's words rang in his head, casting doubt on himself. Then, realising that he was being tricked into leading the Brilhado to K'eld Ner, Darin told Giliara to fly past the K'eld and land in the forest. Yet it was not enough for after their arrival, the Brilhado were seen with their undead army marching towards the K'eld and so, the alarms for war were rang. The necromancer taunted Darin again before Tralin came to Deren's rescue. The brilhado told him of the Deep and Myr appeared, a servant of The'galin and declared war. Darin fought bravely and the army fell and realised that it had been a distraction all along. From Tralin's son, he learn of the fall of Jano. Darin forced himself to cry at Jano's body and eventually was crying uncontrollably. Through his tears, Darin's resolve was hardened and he knew what he must do- Resist the Uncreator.

War for the Creation Orb

The next day, Darin prepared to go down into the Deep to stop Diviara and Myr from reaching the raw Creation. They managed to distract the Brilhado long enough for Galrick to move the energy to Caelestia. Some time after Falerin took Galrick with him, the latter was brought to the Temple by Lorians where Tralin sent him to work at Deren. Darin assigned Galrick the role of relaying information. When Diviara and the Brilhado assaulted the Temple, Darin managed to picked up one piece of the shattered Creation Orb but Diviara stole it in the end. When the Eight Primal Orbs were retrieved, Darin was informed by Tralin to bring Giliara. The both of them were requested to aid Lorians in the battle to recover the shattered Creation Orb.

Powers and abilities

Darin possessed the gift of communicancy.


The Devourer Saga

  1. K'eld Ner (quest)
  2. Sinister 7 War
  3. Strange Friends
  4. The Fall Foreseen

Other Quests/Events

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