Dark Sickness
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I-- I had a vision... You were in it...

Dark Sickness, also known as Epic Quest 4, is the fourth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 8.


As the Chosen returns from Darkovia, Robina Hood informs that Sage Uldor has had a vision concerning them and was brought to Augerthorne where he was bitten by a Sneak and is resting in Yulgar's Inn. The Chosen, with Robina's help, goes to Augerthorne to find poison sacs from the creatures so as to help make a cure for the Sage...


Your journey back to Battleon from Darkovia is uneventful (aside from being bothered by a brood of playful Zard babies). But when you return to Yulgar's Inn, disturbing news awaits...

«Scene: Battleon Inn.»

Sage Uldor rests on a bed and Robina Hood stands beside him. You enter the scene.

Robina Hood: Shh... he's sleeping.
You: Uhhh, what is going on?
Robina Hood: Let's go back outside and I'll tell you about--
Sage Uldor: *cough* No, no, it's okay, Robina. I can explain what happened--
Robina Hood: Save your strength, friend. Let me. Well, shortly after you left for Darkovia, Uldor went wandering and wound up all the way in Augerthorne.
Robina Hood: We had found him before nightfall, luckily, but he had been bitten by a Sneak.
You: Ouch! I am sorry to hear that, Sage.
Sage Uldor: That-- uhhh-- is not the whole story. I-- I had a vision... You were in it... I was drawn northwest, toward Augerthorne, but beyond-- You---- You--- uhhhhhh...

Sage Uldor collapses.

«You»: He fainted! That's not good, is it?
Robina Hood: No, not good at all! He is old and frail. The poison is very hard for him to deal with. He may not live another day!
«You»: What can we do?? What can I do to help?!
Robina Hood: We may be able to have a potion made that can destroy the poison in his body. But we will need to collect poison sacs from the dead bodies of Sneaks!
«You»: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

  • Go to Augerthorne!

«Scene: Augerthorne.»

Robina Hood: I can only take you so far. You need to get the poison sacs from 3 Sneaks so we can cure Uldor! Good luck!

  • Hunt the Sneaks!
  • Back to Town

If you are a Guardian, you can refill your potions to 5 each, if you have 4 or less.

You return to Robina Hood after each battle. Every time you kill a Sneak, after the battle a poison sac falls to the ground and the message "Poison Sac Found!" appears. Returning to town at anytime when collecting the poison sacs causes you to lose all of them. After you collect the 3 poison sacs, the following dialogue occurs.

Robina Hood: Good hunting! You brought back the poison sacs collected from 3 Sneaks. Now we will be able to have a cure made for Sage Uldor!

  • Back to Town!

«Scene: Battleon Inn.»

«You»: I'm back! Now what do we need to do with these poison sacs? They're starting to smell a little weird...
Robina Hood: We'll need to go to Granemor and talk to Lucretia, the herbalist. She should know what to do, or at least who does.
Robina Hood: Uldor is stronger than I thought, he might just hold on long enough for us to save him!!


[This quest was revised with updated tiers in March 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]


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