My my my… what have we here? Have a little accident, did we?

Death's Domain, also known as Nowhere, is a location in the Void where Death attends the souls of the recently deceased—including that of the player's character, should they be defeated in battle. It exists outside of time and space.

The quest Enter the Darkness! is available through him, if the player clicks on the translucid hourglass.


A very dark place which requires it travellers to possess torches to light the way, the domain is known currently known to possess several features, such as smoking vents, large rocks, and portals of two kinds: swirly purple ones and glowing ones. Likewise, the domain is home to creatures that may attack incautious dwellers.

The vents allow for the slow recovery of health and mana.

All portals may lead to mysterious places: The purple swirly portals lead the unwary to any time or place, or to certain doom, whereas the glowing ones teleport to other areas of Nowhere. Some possibles destinations include: a cementery where Sir Pwnsalot rests, Zorbak and Kabroz's childhood in Frostvale, Death's Castle, a strange place where Twilly allows the player to change his character's name, the Frozen Northlands where a lost snow golem lives, one of Zorbak's adventures, and Drakonnan's Throne.

The Death seen in the domain is a servant to Death the Horseman and Lorian Demipower. He uses magical hourglasses to measure the lifetime of his customers but someone has been stealing them, scattering and hiding them throughout his domain. It is customary of him to ask some of the recently deceased for 25 hourglassed to be returned to him.


  • Death, and the option to respawn, was released in November 26th, 2002, making it one of the few features that appeared even before the game L.O.R.E. was renamed as AdventureQuest.
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