Deren is a continent south east of Battleonia.

Major Cities

City of Deren.png

Deren is a busy city with a port for traveling to and fro. Tralin's Castle is also located in Deren itself and from it, the Temple of Hopecan be seen. Visit Nel in the Library to train as a Scholar, see the shops in the Shpping District, tour the Art Gallery or just explore this ancient city.

The Drakel K'eld is where King Tralin comes from and stands as an important structure. Unlike Battleonia's K'eld, K'eld Ner is surrounded by high vaulted wall instead of a dome. It's sister K'eld is K'eld Naer in Battleonia. Inside the city are high cable cars for transport.

Places of Interest

The Brilhado Fortress is the stronghold of the Brilhado warriors and their undead army. It is located south east of Deren continent and protected by the mountain ranges. It is unknown what is inside the Fortress as none save for the Brilhado themselves had seen the interior.

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