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Do you think I just sit around mystically appearing at random battles or something? Or maybe that I just stand outside Boog’s Tavern for my entire life?
Race: Moglin
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity, The Scribes
Appears in: The Devourer Saga and Dracopyre Legacy
Location: Granemor

Dewlok is a Darkness Moglin of Granemor. Dewlok is a small blue moglin with a missing left ear and an ear piercing, he has excellent healing powers in Discover The Hall Of Memories it was discovered that he is over 900 years old, as well as his moglin healing abilities are second only to the first currently living moglins and that he is one of a kind of moglin that are called The Scribes moglins that live for an extremely long time and has highly enhanced healing. He has also said he has seen the coming of The'Galin on five occasions including his birth as The Devourer, and that he has known Wolfwing for over 900 years. He is also friends with an earth Moglin called Cudgel.


The Devourer Saga

General Herous' Tower Quests

  • (1) The Mutant King 2
  • (2) Visia War
  • (3) Absolix Attacks
  • (4) Warlord Kragoth Attacks!
  • (5) Transient Immortality

Dracopyre Legacy

Other Quests/Events

  • (1) 2008 Preview!
  • (2) 2009 Preview!
  • (3) Fading Warlic
  • (4) Morningstar Set
  • (5) Bun Rangers Nitro