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I no longer pretend many things
Diviara Celegra
Race: Brilhado
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The Network, The'Galin, Unity, Order of the Mantle
Appears in: The Devourer Saga, The Bizarre Flecks Saga
Location: N/A

Diviara Celegra is the Mysterious Necromancer that reanimated Drakath. He is the brother of Giliara Celegra and the father of Amilara Celegra. Diviara is a mysterious character who had helped and opposed the Truthseekers on many occasions. Was once the general of The'Galin's army. He attempted to infect Tralin with the Cold but his Creation Orb was able to absorb the damage and shatters. Some time later, he stole a fragment of the Creation Orb from Darin.


After the Lorians arrived in K'eld Ner, Diviara appeared before Darin and Giliara taunting them to collect the fragments of the Creation Orb. The trail of battles eventually lead the Lorian army to the Brilhado Fortress. While the army fights with the Brilhado, Giliara approached Diviara trying to get him to return to the Light Lord. Yet, a sneaky Brilhado managed to pierce Giliara with his spear. Anguished, Diviara slay the Brilhado and reveal his true feelings. As Giliara lay on the ground dying, he pleaded with his brother to return to the Light Lord's service. Giliara's death had saved Diviara for he turned to Creation and returned the last fragment of the Creation Orb.

As well as being a necromancer, he is exceptionally skilled in the use of The Cold, which he is said to have "practically invented". He had a family, but his wife was killed and he framed for it. His son, Amilara, believed the frame-up for a long time until he was shown its falseness, along with Giliara's death. Omega plans to use him to "apply pressure" to Diviara, though exactly how is unknown at present. After Diviara converted from Chaos to Unity, he continued to gather information for Falerin and the heroes of Lore at the Necromancer fortress; on one of these missions, he learns about Omega's plan to use Amilara against him, and prepares for it. Even after his conversion, Diviara still has the favor of The'Galin, evidenced by the fact that The'Galin has forbidden Diviara's death. Diviara takes part in many battles in the Devourer Saga (the later battles on the side of Unity), including the Attack on Granemor and the final assault on the Temple of Hope. Being a Brilhado and a Necromancer, Diviara uses both Light and Darkness powers to his advantage. After the Devourer decides to leave Lore alone, Diviara prepares to rebuild the Temple of Hope and continues to assist the heroes of Lore with other means.

It should be noted that Diviara respects and is respected by many Lorian deities, including The'Galin, the Light Lord, the Darkness Lord, and Lorithia.


The Devourer Saga

The Bizarre Flecks Saga

  • Part I - Double Take
  • Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore
  • Part V - Us vs. Regeirk!
  • The Bizarre Flecks II: Mostly Harmful Special Preview

Dracopyre Legacy - The Hall of Memories

Other quests/events

  • Taladosian Relics!


The Duality Blade

  • Diviara's weapon is the Duality Blade, which can change it's element from light to darkness.