My Nighthunters are also my finest troops, sworn to help me solidify my power within Darkovia and finally bring order to this chaotic land.
Race: Human, Dracopyre
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Nighthunters
Appears in: Dracopyre Legacy
Location: Darkovia Forest -> DracoPyre Legacy! and Darkovia Forest -> ShadowSlayers & NightHunters

Donovan a.k.a. NightReign is the son of Lady Evina and Evina's second husband, and the half-brother of Cenara and Edward/Vampire Slayer E.


He was always jealous of the attention Lady Evina showed to Cenara and Edward, and seeks to prove himself equal to Nightbane's childen. His agents Thrasher, Virik and Skrat were supposedly "loyal" servants of the Were-King, Wolfwing and Safiria when they orchestrated a civil war. During the chaos, he infiltrates Nightbane's castle and, through the sacrifice of Nightbane's loyal minions, becomes the Dracopyre NightReign. In the same part of the story, Cenera, his half sister, becomes the dracopyric Gracefang. The following chapter, they clash, and Donovan is almost destroyed by his sister, but flees before the end. Cenera calls him a coward. He intends to destroy all other races and unify Darkovia, although it is revealed he is in fact playing a game for the Mysterious Stranger- an entity that's neither living nor dead, immaterial, and can sense even in memories. In the hall of memories, his boss murders Falerin but his plans are foiled, and Donovan decides he has had enough of the stranger's games, but is forced to fight. However, he was finally bested in battle and he ran from the scene.


Dracopyre Legacy

  1. 4-Way Darkovian War!
  2. Search for a Cure!
  3. NightReign and GraceFang!
  4. NightReign Vs. GraceFang!
  5. The Hall of Memories
  6. Darkovian Ultimatum
  7. Division by Zero
  8. The Father's Door
  9. Resistance is Feudal!
  10. Become a Dracopyre (Dracopyre Showdown)
  11. ShadowSlayers & NightHunters


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