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May the eyes of Kethorat watch you.

Dracomancer Class is a Class quest to become a Dracomancer, available through Cyrus.



«Scene: Dragonspine Mountains in the back drop.»

In the Dragonspine Mountains, it is said you will find the cult of the Dracomancers. Little is known or understood of them outside of their long feud with the Order of DragonSlayers. Lord Cyrus, High Khan of the Dracomancers, has recently forged an uneasy piece with the Dragonslayers, and so now it is the only time outsiders have been given a chance to train in the Dracomancer's arts...

Cyrus appears.


Cyrus: Greetings. You have made your way to the Dragonspine Mountains one reason, I suspect: to seek me out. You must want to learn more about my followers: the Dracomancers!

  • Quest!
  • What are Dracomancers?
Cyrus: The Dracomancer Cult has existed for thousands of years, beginning in the ancient time when we first learned to communicate with the wise and mighty beings.
Cyrus: As Dracomancers we are sworn to help and protect the peaceful Dragons of Lore. We share our knowledge of the world with many dragons who remain hidden from the world.
Cyrus: In exchange for our dedication and service, Dragonkind shares its secrets with US... And over time, and with practice, we become kindred to them.
Cyrus: Because of our kinship with Dragonkind, we have been shunned. We were driven from our homelands, most ferociously by the Order of DragonSlayers.
Cyrus: Recently we have come to and understanding with the Dragonslayers. We will fight against evil Dragons and their masters as long as the Dragonslayers only hunt evil Dragonkind.
  • Class Shop
Class Shop opens. - See below.
Cyrus: Check the class shop often for new and special items.


Spirit Quest (Level 0)

Cyrus: In order to reveal your inner powers and potential to become a Dracomancer, you must go on a spirit-quest through the Dragonspine Mountains. Cyrus: You will come across some challenges, but if you succeed you will have shown me that you have within you the heart of a Dracomancer. Good luck! May the eyes of Kethorat watch you.

  • Take the spirit quest!
  • Back

Spirit Quest!
To prove to Lord Cyrus that you have true potential as a Dracomancer, you must complete your Spirit Quest in the Dragonspine Mountains. If you succeed, then you will be able to learn the ways of the Dracomancer, including abilities like Dragon's Heart, Dragon's Wings, Dragon Summoning, and even the legendary ability to become a Half-Dragon!

  • Quest!
Stat Roll
Difficulty: 50
Stat Used: Intelligence???

Cyrus: You have completed your spirit quest and returned! I now see that you have what it takes to become a Dracomancer. It is now time to begin your training. You have become – a Dracomancer!

Weyr (Level 1-9)

Cyrus: You must successfully protect the eggs of a Dragon Weyr (hatchery). As a Level «Your level» Dracomaner, I have faith in you!

Quest Accepted!
You are on a mission to protect the Dragon Eggs! You are a Level «Your level» Dracomancer. Protecting this Weyr will increase your Class level to «Your level+1». You can rest up to three times.

Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*
Optional Full Heal*
1 BATTLE {Boss}

The Weyr is saved!
You have successfully protected the eggs of this Dragon Weyr and will learn a new Dracomancer ability! Class Level Up! You have earned the next Level as a Dracomancer and gained a new special ability!


Cyrus: You have made me proud to call you my fellow Dracomancer. Together we shall strive to continue our age-old alliance with Dragonkind. There is one final task I ask of you: You must face our deadly nemesis Gausicus, a renegade Dragonslayer who left Galanoth's Order and now hunts our kind with impunity. Will you do this for me?

  • Accept the Quest!
  • Back to Town

Cyrus: I commend you for your bravery! Good luck on your mission! May the eyes of Kethorat watch over you!

«Scene: Somewhere in the Dragonspine Mountains.»

«You»: Gausicus! I have heard about your terrible deeds! Show yourself and face my like a man!!

You wait a while.

«You»: Where are you, coward?!
Gausicus: Fool! If you know me at all, you know not to call me a coward. I shall strike you down as I do every scale-clad beast I find!

1 BATTLE: Gausicus

Cyrus: I honor you! You have shown yourself to truly deserve the skills I have taught you, and may now go forth into the world reborn. May the eyes of Kethorat watch you!


Level 1 ~ Spirit Quest

Normal Fights

Levels 2-10

Class Shop


Dependable Blade of Rennd
Black Axe
Robust Blade of Rennd
Storm Bow
Dire Black Axe
Heian Bow
Paramount Blade of Rennd


Rogue Outfit
Dracomancer Armor
Knight Armor


Dependable Shield of Rennd
Robust Shield of Rennd
Paramount Shield of Rennd


Summon Squirrel


  • In the left screen.....
  • In the Level 0 "Spirit-Quest", the Stat Roll! uses the player's character's INT/5 as a bonus.


  • This quest was released in November 10th, 2005.

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