A dragon is an inherently-magical being that inhabits the world of Lore, and many others, including the vacuum of space itself. The Dragons, powerful creatures, are one of Lore's five Great Races, along with the Humans, the Drakel, the Moglin and the almost-extinct Gi'thari.[1]


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A common misconception of dragons is that they are "animals" and "beasts" when they are, in fact, sentience and intelligence.[1] They, like all other races, are varies in the personalities, likes and dislikes and ambitions, if quite prone to being prideful beings who look down on other non-dragons.

Like most races, dragons are able to produce interracial offspring, the dragons' half-breed offspring being referred to as a Vartai. They are considered another 'race' because of their cultural differences with or fusion of both parents' characteristics.

Known Dragons


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