Level: 30
Power Level:
Location: DragonSlayer Class Shop
Price: 426 Gold
Sellback: 213 Gold
Lean: Standard
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: 30
Ranged: 30
Magic: 30
Element Modifier
Fire: 90%
Water: 90%
Wind: 90%
Ice: 90%
Earth: 90%
Energy: 90%
Light: 90%
Darkness: 90%
This is the official armor of the Order of Dragonslayers
Attack 1
Damage: ((0.0267*U^2 - 0.3885*U+ 95) * 10/9)% Base, Random, and Stats
Attack Type: «As Weapon»
BTH: +3 + ((CurrentClassLvl)/2) (rounded normally) plus Stats
Hits: 1
Rate: 100%
Element: «As Weapon»
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4


The first class to be released, this is classified as a special class. It gives superb bonuses when you fight Drakel or Dragons.


  • Your Combat Defences increase by 0.6727*(CurrentClassLvl), rounded normally.
  • Your Element Modifiers decrease by 0.93*(CurrentClassLvl), rounded normally.
  • Also, you get bonus based on the enemy you are facing:
    • Against Dragons, they decrease by (C*0.25 + 1.5)% each, rounded normally.
    • Against Drakels or Dragonkin, they decrease by 1% each.
    • Against anything else, they increase by 1% each.


  • Against Dragons, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 120% Base, Random and Stat damage.
  • Against Drakels and Dragonkin, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 105% Base, Random and Stat damage.
  • On anything else, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 90% Base, Random, and Stats damage.


  • If your current class is Dragonslayer at the time of equip, then you gain the following effect:
    • Resist Dragon Fear: Those who wear the armor of the DragonSlayer and carry the title with pride are made of hardy stuff.
    • You gain +(2*(CurrentClassLvl)) when making a Save Roll to resist the fear effects of Dragons.


DragonSlayer N Attack.gif

Skill Array

DragonSlayer N Skillset.png

Level 1 - Dragon/Dracolich Strike

  • ShadowSlayer required for Golden Dragonslayer or Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse version.
  • "You're special training has taught you how to strike true and deep, especially against Dragons/Undead or Weredragons!"
  • You need 220 SP per round to use this (206 with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 1 Hit
  • 1.2x Base & Random damage against normal monsters
  • 2x damage against Dragons, Drakels and Lizards
  • No added BtH

Level 2 - Dragon Breath!

  • "You channel the power of the dragons you have defeated to strike your foes with a blast of dragons breath! Against dragons it strikes the weakest element"
  • Magic, Fire or Light with Golden Dragonslayer (Magic, Weakest element against Dragon kind)
  • You need 293 MP to use this ability (275 MP with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 5 Hits   
DSN Dragon Breath.gif

Level 3 - Slayer's Guard

  • "You have learned to study your foes attacks in order to better defend against them"
  • Passive (Always Active)
  • Damage resistance against enemies 

Level 4 - Summon Draykwing

  • "Call a loyal Fire/Light Drayk to fight by your side"
  • Cost depends on Affection towards you and whether you're wearing the dragonslayer armor (usually it costs less with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 2 hits of Fire Damage to normal foes (Light damage with Golden Dragonslayer) and the weakest element of Dragon kind
DSN Summon Drakwing.gif

Level 5 - Poison Dragon/Dracolich

  • "Coat your weapon with a homeade Dragonbane poison!"
  • (With Golden Dragonslayer) "Coat your weapon with a homeade mix of holy water, wolfbane, and dragonbane!
  • Costs 57 SP per round to keep it coated (54 SP with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 0 Hit  
  • Poisons Dragon kind for 10 rounds
  • No effect against normal monsters

Level 6 - Cripple Dragon/Dracolich

  • Guardian Only
  • "You know just where to strike a Dragon/Dracolich or Weredragon for maximum effect, weakening it!"
  • You need 46 SP to use this ability (43 with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 1 Hit
  • Melee 
  • BtH ? plus crippling effect (lowers Strength, and Dexterity)
  • No effect against normal monsters
DSN Cripple Dragon!.gif

Level 7 - Dragon's Blood/Essence

  • Guardian Only
  • "You can tap into the powerful blood flowing through a Dragons veins in order to heal your own wounds!"
  • (With Golden Dragonslayer ) "You can tap in the otherworldly power in an undead or lycanthropic dragon and reverse it to heal your own wounds
  • You need 220 SP to use this ability (206 SP with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 1 Hit
  • 100% Base & Random
  • You gain 50% of the damage you do
  • No added BtH
DSN Dragon's Blood.gif

Level 8 - Fortified Armor 

  • Guardian Only
  • "You have added some alchemically-treated Dragon scale backing to your armor, which greatly enhances your Slayers Guard!"
  • Passive
  • Defenses will look like this
    • Melee: 37
    • Ranged: 37
    • Magic: 37
    • Fire: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Water: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Wind: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Ice: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Earth: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Energy: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Light: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)
    • Darkness: 81% (80% with Elite Dragonslayer)

Level 9 - Daze Dragon/Deplete Dracolich 

  • Guardian Only
  • ShadowSlayer required for Golden Dragonslayer or Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse version of skill.
  • "Striking a Draconic foes head when it comes close enough to strike, you weaken it's mental reserves!"
  • (With Golden Dragonslayer) "Attacking an undead or weredragons spirit when it draws close allows you to deplete it's mental reserves!"
  • Costs 220 SP to use (206 SP with Golden Dragonslayer)
  • 2 hits, Melee
  • 1 hit of Power Drain, and 1 hit of Mana Drain
DSN Daze Dragon!.gif

Level 10 -  Dragonheart Strike


  • 4 Hits  
  • Melee
  • 2 Melee hits, 1 hit for Mana Drain, and 1 hit for Power Drain
  • Leaves a crippling effect

Normal Monsters

  • 4 Hits  
  • Melee
  • 2 Melee hits, 1 hit for Mana Drain, and 1 hit for Power Drain
  • Leaves a crippling effect
DSN Dragonheart Strike!.gif
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