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A typical male Drakel.

A typical female Drakel.

The Drakel who refer to themselves as Kruath'ri are a Dracomammalian race as a they are a cross between humans and dragons. They use a hybrid form of magic and technology, called “magiscience,” for many devices and weapons. There is little known about this elusive and dangerous race, as they are as very secretive. They seem driven to find some magical item that will save them from an evil power.


It is known that the Drakel predate humanity, and have a culture that is thousands of years old. For years, the Drakel have stayed shut up in their ancient Dome cities known as K'elds, co-existing quietly with the other people of Lore.

That changed when Drakel prophecy foretold the re-emergence of an ancient evil. Drakel warriors began to scout Lore for the location of some mysterious item. At first there were only rare observances of isolated Drakel forces. That quickly escalated into full military movements as the Drakel became bolder in their search for the mysterious item. Eventually armies of Drakel clashed with Moglins and Elves throughout the Greenguard Forest and Farthward Wood. The legendary battle at the fields of Brakanub took place during that time.

It was during the Battle of Stonerule that more information about the Drakel came to light. The Drakel were pillaging ancient temples looking for their mysterious item when a force of Guardians and Adventurers intervened. At Stonerule, the Drakel left large quantities of Azru Stones. As it turned out, these mystical stones had some attraction to Stonerule, which led a Drakel faction called the Drakel War Council to believe the mysterious item they sought was at Stonerule.

The Drakel have been spotted more and more, and have even been accepted into some parts of Lore. Although their search for a mysterious item is still shrouded in secrecy, the Drakel are otherwise becoming more mainstream. There is a Drakel trainer in Battleon. Drakel magiscience weapons and armor are traded on the black market.


Drakel War Council

It is known that the most powerful faction of Drakels is the Drakel War Council. It currently controls a great deal of Drakel resources, including large armies and war technology. The Drakel War Council was behind the attack on Stonerule. It is believed the destruction of forestlands belonging to Moglins and Elves is the fault of the Drakel War Council.


  1. Kragg (imprisoned in The Pit)
  2. Count Sarkat(remaining status unknown) — His remaining status is unknown, thought to be destroyed.

Drakel Survival Front(DSF)

The DSF found Giind, the first Megadragon found. Megadragons were the very first dragons. The DSF found Giind into a giant Cocon. His remaining status is unknown.

Drakel Power League(DPL)


  1. Warlord Fansarin = killed and reanimated.
  2. Minister Bree'Ha = arrested — escaped from the prison; now works for the Network.
  3. Draklin = remaining status unknown.
  4. Captain G'Hup = His remaining status is unknown, thought to be destroyed.

Deren Republic


  1. Governor Darin (human)
  2. King Draynor
  3. King Tralin (drakel)
  4. Prince Shirian (drakel)
  5. Queen Kithia
  6. Minister Yeeun'Ha (brother of Bree'Ha)

Other members momentarily unknown.

The Warpforce


  1. Queen Pra'Mithia (drakel)
  2. Admiral Amanda (human)
  3. Colonel Ba'Tokk (drakel)
  4. Commander Stormfront (drakel)
  5. Sergeant Lucky (human)
  6. Lieutenant Krath (drakel)
  7. Hans Olo (human)


Although the Drakel have strong societal taboos against serving an Elemental Lord, there are some small, cultish factions that break from societal norms. One of the most prevalent Drakel cults serves the Water Lord. This seems to make sense, as the Drakel have a strong underwater military. Another Drakel cult, which has been forced into hiding, serves an ancient, evil dragon. These “Fire Drakel” have lost much power with the waning of the evil dragon's might.

Drakel Technology

The Drakel blend technology and magic into magiscience. Not all Drakel innovations are blended, and the entire spectrum from pure technology to pure magic can be found in Drakel culture.

The greatest technological innovation of the Drakel is their protected cities. Protected by impenetrable walls and domed against the elements, these cities have housed Drakel society for thousands of years. There is no environment in which the cities cannot be found: from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans; from the driest deserts to lush tropical forests.

The Drakels' most powerful innovations almost always involve the creation of weapons. From the Drakel Power Armor to the Greater WarBeast, the Drakel seem to be totally militarily-minded. Even innovations in the Drakel themselves are for destruction. Take the giant Drakel Destroyers for example. Huge, mindless, and deadly, these remote-controlled Drakel will actually self-destruct after losing in combat.

The most recent Drakel invention involves the use of Kayda Gems. These gems seem to be a power source for Drakel magiscience. It is used to power the DrakBot, which is an assassination automaton. Kayda gems are also very flexible in other uses. When combined with a sword, Kayda gems increase the sword's deadliness and gives special powers to the weapon.