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Fenris Queen of Hearts
Here I am, Mount Eigerbuld.
—The Chosen

Eigerbuld, aso known as Epic Quest 13, is the thirteenth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 26.


[This quest was revised with updated battle tiers in February 2021. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]

You have reached your destination at last: Mount Eigerbuld. Sage Uldor is to meet you here. Until then you must wait. Luckily, you have an elemental Orb of Light, which should protect you from the powerful force of Darkness that approaches...

«Scene: Mount Eigerbuld.»

«You»: Here I am, Mount Eigerbuld. Last time I was here, I was trying to find Sage Uldor, but his daughter had a troop of trolls escort him away.
«You»: Supposedly, she sensed a dark and evil force approaching and wanted to make sure her father was safe.
«You»: Luckily I got the light orb from the desert that Uldor sent me for. It should keep whatever "dark force" is out there away!

The scene darkens and Nith enters.

«You»: .......... Or not
???: Whooooooo are yooouuu???
«You»: Well, uhh, you can call me «You». Then you can go back to the toilet you came from.
???: Yoooouuu are not scared of meeeee??
«You»: Not at all. But I don't try to start fights unless I have a reason to.
???: Why dooooo yoooouuu carry an Orb of Liight?
«You»: It's a long story, but basically it is to ward off a powerful force of darkness.
???: I would sssaaaaaay that it isss not working.
«You»: You definitely LOOK like a creature of darkness....
???: I am Niiiith, messenger of the Shadowmaster.
«You»: Ahem. Just a messenger, then? You don't want to try and eat me?
Nith: No, I do not. I would not eeeeaat you even if I hungerrrred.
«You»: That's a relief.
Nith: Thaaat does not mean I would not crush you betweeeeeen my jaaaaawwws.
«You»: Okay, now that THAT'S out of the way....How about you tell me this message that's so important?

Uldor enters.

Uldor: Yes, Nith, tell us what the Shadow Master wants! Tell us who he is, and where we can find him! Tell us everything!!
«You»: Sage Uldor!!
Nith: Oooold one, the Shadow Master knew you would sennssse his movements.
Nith: He asks that you bring him the Eye of Naab. Naab the Watcher. Naab, who you will find in the dungeon of Queen Safiria's castle.
«You»: I don't get it.... Why is the Light Orb not keeping Nith away??
Uldor: Because, my friend, the Shadow Master is not an agent of the darkness realm. He uses darkness only to hide. Nith is one of his agents, cloaked in darkness as well.
«You»: Then what is he really??
Uldor: A creature born of the Void. Unbeholden to elements, but beyond that I cannot say. And I will not venture a guess, for I must be certain first...
«You»: First? So you need to know exactly what it is the Shadow Master is before we can do anything?
Nith: Yeeeesssss. You must first be certain before you act. And every act has its consequences.
Nith: Now I muuuuussstt leave... Remember, get the Eye of Naab for my master!
Uldor: You're not going anywhere. AAARRTTTTIIIXXXXX!

Artix enters.

Uldor: Nith, we have our own message we wish to send to the Shadow Master.
«You»: Wait -- Uldor, you're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?
Nith: Sssssoooooo, a challenge it is!
«You»: Should we really challenge the giant evil nasty-breath shadow dragon, instead of just letting him leave? Maybe we could sneak up on him later?

You gain Artix as a guest.

Level 26-75: Nith the Shadowdragon (50)
Level 76+: Nith the Shadowdragon (80)
Full Heal

The scene brightens.

«You»: Well, he wasn't so tough after all!
Uldor: Nith was just an agent of the Shadow Master. Now we must go back to Darkovia, and find a way into Safiria's dungeons.
Artix: It sounds like we'll need someone very good at sneaking around to help... perhaps... a ninja? Training your DEX might help, too.
Uldor: Good luck on your mission, «You»! Get the Eye of Naab and we will be one step closer to finding the Shadow Master!

  • Continued!


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