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Eldron Larethian
Race: Grey Elf, Deity
Gender: None
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga, Bizarre Flecks Saga
Location: Library of Isle of d'Oriens
I don't really enjoy a conflict, but this idea of a competition seems to have caught my fancy this year. What say you and I match wits and wands, so to speak??

Eldron Larethian is an ascended deity and the Caelestian Extra Greater Power of Good, as a member of the Farpoint.

In the Zardian eZine column "Fighter, Mage, Thief," Eldron was a Caelestian Grey Elf, son of King Mythron, apprenticed in magic to Ramalad. The exact details were never fully explained, though it seemed that Eldron was destined to become a God of Good. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Eldron is not truly the son of Mythron, but the son of the Caelestian God of Elves, taking this God's portfolio and followers following his departure from Caelestia.[1]


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