Elemental Orbs are spheres of power connected to one of the eight elements (Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Energy, Light, and Dark.) When a creature of one of the elements is in the presence of a corresponding orb, that creature's power multiplies by an order of magnitude (so for example, a Fire creature gets stronger in the presence of a Fire Orb.) Creatures not of the Orb's element can be changed so that their own element matches the Orb's (the Lightcan, for example.) The Orbs where first discovered during the first Fire War. If a creature possesses an Orb of its element, it is granted absolute command over all creatures of that element.

If an Orb is destroyed it can be rebuilt, as Akriloth consumed one during the first Fire War, and Drakonnan recovered enough shards to remake it.

For reasons that have yet to be revealed, the Numbered Beasts are searching for these orbs and have already recovered at least two Orbs.

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