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Your friends cannot help you any more! You are alone now-- and I will pick my teeeeth with your bonessss!
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Network
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Unknown

Epheel aka The Shadowmaster is one of the human wizards who joined The'galin during his first coming in exchange for power. Appeared in The Secret after Wolfwing was defeated by NightBane. He used Nightbane as a pawn and gave Lorians his "gift" citing that it will glow when The Devourer's agent arrives. It is much later revealed by The Huntress that he wanted her dead and he himself is instead an agent. He attempted to destroy the Weapons of Salvation but was foiled when Yulgar and The Huntress defeated him and made a hasty escape. Epheel is also responsible for the Exodus' attack on Battleon although he did it without The'galin's permission. He commanded the Malzar to attack as well, then confronting the player himself/herself. He recruited Nightbane to join the Network, but in The Beginning of the End, Nightbane was converted to the side on unity and killed Epheel.


The Devourer Saga

  1. The Shadow Master
  2. Huntress, The Hunted!
  3. Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
  4. Exodus Attacks
  5. The Beginning of the End

Other Quests/Events

  1. The NightBane Chronicles