Exodus Attacks
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The Devourer Saga
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Exodus Attacks is the thirty-fifth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 42.


You can skip the cutscene at any time

A storm of black clouds and lighting swirls over Battleon

Artix: What is this, Warlic? Some kind of dark magic storm??
Warlic: I have researched this phenomenon for over a day now, and have come to the conclusion that it is actually a CREATURE...
Artix: What are you talking about, Warlic?!? It’s one big living thing?? Could this be the Devourer?
Warlic: No, but I believe it is related to the Devourer. From what I can tell, this thing is the Exodus, a being made of living shadow. It is not from this world...
Warlic: ... but has come here as a servant of the Devourer. The Exodus was once a powerful creature, existing between the stars. When it met the Devourer it had no choice:
Warlic: Either allow itself to be destroyed or do the Devourer’s bidding.
Artix: It seems the Exodus will attack us, and may also have other darkness creatures, and perhaps other minions of the Devourer, helping them.
Warlic: So this is it—the Devourer must be making his move on Battleon!!

  • !!!

The EXODUS Attacks!
The Exodus is a single superentity that has traveled the cosmos for eons. For a long time it was peaceful… until it met the Devourer. Unwilling to let itself be destroyed, the Exodus soon became one of the Devourer’s most loyal servants. Able to split into millions of parts, all controlled by one mind, the Exodus is literally “an army of one”!

  • To Battle!
  • Return to Town

Twilly: Uh-oh’s!!! Dark clouds are everywhere!!! What are we going to do’s??
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you

  • Heal me please!
Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
  • I can handle this!

Artix von Krieger, leader of the Paladin Order.
Robina Hood, ranger extraordinaire!
Mighty archmage Warlic

  • To Battle!

Temporary Salvation Weapons!

  • Guardian Salvation Blade
  • Adventurer Salvation Blade
  • Guardian Salvation Scepter
  • Adventurer Salvation Scepter
  • Guardian Salvation Bow
  • Adventurer Salvation Bow

Who will you go into battle with?

After 100% of the monsters were defeated

Robina enters

Robina: We pushed the Exodus out of town and fought it all the way into Darkovia Forest! The part of the Exodus that seems to be controlling the rest is just around the corner!!

  • Get him!

Full Heal

«You»: All of your guard are beaten! Show yourself, Exodus!! Let’s see what form you take as a BOSS!!

  • Fight!

Soul Banisher
Full Heal

Artix: Hopefully the Devourer got enough of a taste of what we can do!The next time we see his forces will with their backs towards running back to wherever they came from!!

The rewards shop opens

Warlic: I have a feeling that the Devourer was just testing the waters with this attack...

  • Replay
  • Return to Town

Upon clicking Return to Town

NightBane: Epheel, I think you underestimated the heroes of Battleon...
Epheel: kkkkhhhh….. NO! This was Agent Smith’s fault!
Smith: Hey now! This defeat was HARDLY caused by my Predecessor clients. They made up a small part of your army, after all.
Epheel: Ah, well—- Nightbane’s dracopyre forces must have weakened in the past months.
NightBane: Bah!! My creatures fought well! The only explanation must be that the Salvation Weapons are more dangerous than we thought...

A bright orb-like thing comes down from the sky

Epheel: HISSSS!!! What IS that—that bright thing??
Agent Smith: OH!! Sorry! This is a Fusian, another race that has joined the Devourer’s Network.
Agent Smith: The Exodus didn’t really like the idea of having a light creature flying around next to them, so we didn’t use them.
NightBane: Oh, I have an idea, Epheel. Maybe next time you should actually get the Devourer’s PERMISSION before launching and attack using his minions.
Epheel: Yes, perhaps that is the cause of this defeat. Not being able to use all of the resources that the Devourer commands. Next time, I shall have my revenge....


All monsters are scaled to your level + 5.

Level 0-24

Evil Eye (2)
Exodus Warrior (5) (No Pet)
Exodus Warrior (5) (Pet)
Malzar (10)
Nightraider (3)
Nightraider (10)
Orc Mage (12)
Predecessor (12)

Level 25-54

Alpha Dracowolf (33)
Dracolich (39)
Dracovamp (22)
Dracovamp Lord (33)
Dracowolf (22)
Exodus Commander (40)
Exodus Warrior (5) (No Pet)
Exodus Warrior (5) (Pet)
Kresh (30)
Malzar (10)
Nightraider (40)
Predecessor (12)
Zombie Knight

Level 55-89

Alpha Dracowolf (66)
Big Zombie
Dracovamp (55)
Dracovamp Lord (66)
Dracovampiress (44)
Dracowolf (55)
Exodus Commander (60)
Exodus Warrior (60) (No Pet)
Exodus Warrior (60) (Pet)
Malzar (60)
Nightraider (70)
Predecessor (60)
Skull Swarm (50)

Level 90+

Alpha Dracowolf (66)
Dracolich (71)
Dracovamp (55)
Dracovamp Adept
Dracovamp Lord (66)
Dracowolf (55)
Exodus Commander (60)
Exodus Warrior (60) (No Pet)
Exodus Warrior (60) (Pet)
Malzar (60)
Nightraider (100)
Predecessor (100)
Skrow (90)



Exodoggie (15)
Exodoggie (55)
Exodoggie (85)


Banisher Scythe (8)
Exodus Axe (18)
Banisher Scythe (32)
Exodus Axe (45)
Banisher Scythe (58)
Banisher Scythe (76)
Exodus Axe (82)
Banisher Scythe (92)