Fire Monster
Some say that when this dire wolf breaks free of its chains deep underground that the end of the world is doesn't look like Fenris is chained any longer, does it?
Level XP Gold
100 1500 600
1872? 122?
Element Power
Fire N/A
Combat Defense
Melee Ranged Magic
25 25 25
Strength 100
Dexterity 100
Intellect 50
Endurance 100
Charisma 50
Luck 100
A wolf can't be THAT bad...
—The Chosen

Fenris is a giant dire wolf and Fire Monster fought in the quest of the same name. According to the legend of Fenris Hole as told by Vumitt to Mercuria and Pria Knight Tathlin, Fenris was imprisoned in the deep pit 800 before the events of AdventureQuest (Fenris), and that if it were to break free of its chains deep underground, it would mean that the end of the world is coming.


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Element Modifier

Element Level 100
Fire 140%
Water 100%
Wind 140%
Ice 50%
Earth 50%
Energy 100%
Light 140%
Darkness 50%

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