Feral LycanBow
Level: 38
Power Level: 38
Location: Werewolf Lair
Price: 211 Gold
Sellback: 105 Gold
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 5-24
BTH: +15%
Fashioned by werewolves, this bow fires arrows tipped with werewolf fangs that have been soaked in holy water. It hits Vampire enemies with a double attack.
Damage: 250% Base, 250% Random, 100% Stat Bonuses
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +10
Hits: 1
Rate: 100%
Element: Ice


LycanBow Special.gif

Trigger Special

  • Hits: 2
  • Type: Ranged
  • Element: Ice
  • Damage: 187.5% Base, 156.25% Random, 100% Stat Bonuses each
  • BTH: +30 plus Stat Bonuses each
  • Rate: 100%
LycanBow Trigger Special.gif

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