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The Fighter Class is one of the three classes available at the start of the game. Fighters focus mainly on their Strength attribute to master the basic arts of being a warrior. To become a member of the Fighter class, talk to Blackhawke in the BattleOn Inn. 

This class serves as a prerequisite for more advanced classes, such as Martial Artist, Paladin, Knight, Pirate and Berserker.

Level One - Weapon Proficiency

Imbue your strikes with melee proficiency for 1SP per round

This ability is toggled on/off

Cost: 1 SP per round

This changes all your attacks to melee.

Level Two - Improved Armor

Your armor has been upgraded, granting you better defence and resistances.

Cost: 0 MP

+5 to Melee and Ranged defenses and -5% to Water and Earth resistances.

Level Three - Brutal Strike


Make a brutal but inaccurate attack to inflict extra damage on your enemies.

Cost: 10 SP Does 1 hit for 120% Base and 110% Random damage but with -5 Bonus to Hit.

Level Four - Intense Focus

Focus your mind on dealing damage, reducing your defences but making your attacks more powerful and giving a small chance to strike a crushing blow.

This ability is toggled on/off

Cost: 0 MP

-5 to all defenses. All attacks have their Base and Random damage increased by 10%. There is a 10% chance that the attack would be increased by 30% instead.

Level Five - Call Friend


Call a friend to accompany you into battle. He makes a 2 hit attack.

Cost: 40 SP

Summons a Fighter Friend.

Level Six (Guardian Only) - Reinforced Armor

You have upgraded your armor again, improving your defences and resistance.

Cost: 0 MP

+5 to Melee defense and -5% to wind and ice resistances.

Level Seven (Guardian Only) - Combat Expertise

Your training grants you +5 BtH on your melee attacks.

Cost: 0 MP

+5 Bonus to Hit for all player melee attacks.

Level Eight (Guardian Only) - Double Attack


Strike two quick blows at the cost of accuracy.

Cost: 15 SP Does 2 hits for 75% Base and 50% Random each with -5 BtH.

Level Nine (Guardian Only) - Strength Boost

Increase your strength by 10 for the duration of the battle.

This ability is toggled on/off

Cost: 15 SP

Increases Strength by 10.

Level Ten (Guardian Only) - Power Attack


Make a single powerful but inaccurate strike.

Cost: 20 SP Does 1 hit for 200% Base and Random but with -5 BtH.


After becoming level 10 fighter, you can click on "Bring on the Challengers!" button.


  • Zuriga: Level 32 Light Element - Attacks: Mostly Melee
  • Tarmac: Level 34 Dark Element - Attacks: Most Ranged, some Melee
  • Dracona: Level 35 Light Element - Attacks: Mostly Melee (same as Zuriga)
  • Zhilo: Level 39 Wind Element - Attacks: Melee and Ranged

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