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Frogzard Knight Armor.png

Here are some skills of this class.

This skill can be activated without any cost!

When you activate it you will get the Knight gear! This will temporarily replace your Weapon and Shield.

Your new Weapon does Earth damage.

Your new Shield massively increases your Melee blocking chance and your Ranged and Magic blocking chance slightly. It also significantly lowers your Earth resistance and Ice resistance!

Activate this skill to receive 10% less damage from monster's attacks! Your attacks will also be 10% weaker.


You use your shield to attack the monster dealing better-than-average damage and it has a very high chance to daze the monster which is the main benefit of using this skill.

This is where you'll get your big damage from. Using this skill makes you skip your turn and do a massively damaging attack on your next turn! The element of this attack is the same as your weapon.

Summons a powerful Frogzard Knight to aid you in battle! The guest does Earth damage and can Daze the monster on its attacks! When the monster is Dazed it has a 25% chance of not acting, this lasts for 1 turn.